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Sweden’s Civil War With Muslim Migrants

For several years I have pointed out that the recent mass immigration into Europe is an INVASION and that millions of Middle Eastern young men are not coming to assimilate but to destroy and take over.  This can only happen because traitorous European leaders collaborate to facilitate the invasion in a conspiracy from above that will eventually lead to a much larger war – probably WWIII in Europe – which is shaping up exactly as Nostradamus warned about in his prophecies almost 500 years ago…

from Gordon at the Truther’s World blog article:

Swedish political leader: What you read about Sweden in alternative media is true, we are in a low-intensive civil war

which is quoting from VOICE OF EUROPE‘s interview with Gustav Kasselstrand – the leader of the newly founded Alternative for Sweden party

“How bad are things in Sweden?

It is very bad. What you read about Sweden on alternative news platforms is true. We are facing problems more severe than ever before in our history, where Swedes face a situation of being a minority within 20 years if nothing is done to stop the replacement of our people.

I would describe the problems in Sweden as some kind of low-intensive civil war (with gradually increasing intensity for each day). What makes the situation even more difficult is of course the extreme political correctness that has haunted Sweden for decades, but which is now finally breaking up.

The political establishment is both unwilling and unable to do anything about the problems. It’s all talk and no action

The situation has gone so far that the politically correct people lose ground and we are entering a state of retribution against politicians and media who bear the responsibility for turning my previously peaceful and prosperous country into a real mess, which is now used as a warning example for other Nordic and European countries, yes, even for countries all over the world….

Most Europeans are only now becoming aware of what is going on. Far from being lost, our struggle, our “Reconquista”, has only just begun.


And those who are “black-pilling” and claiming everything is lost before the game have even started should step aside and make way for those of us who know better. The Swedish elections later this year is not the “last chance” to save Sweden. It is the first chance! The fight for Sweden and for Europe is now starting. Let me refer to the Polish National anthem with its famous first words: “Poland is not yet lost!” – that is exactly the mentality we need: Sweden is not yet lost, so long as we still live!

-What is the most important thing that needs change in Sweden?

In the short term we need to end immigration completely and start to repatriate hundreds of thousands of illegals, criminal aliens and immigrants who burden our society in one way or another….

-What is your opinion on the arrest of Tommy Robinson in Britain?

I think it is scandalous. It is also a clear in sign which direction western Europe is heading. Governments throughout western Europe are evidently more concerned with their own peoples protesting the decline of their countries rather than trying to stop mass immigration that is causing all these problems in the first place. It clearly shows the true agenda of the European establishment.

-Do you think freedom of speech is under pressure in Europe?

Certainly! So called “hate speech”-laws are nothing but the criminalisation of freedom of speech….”

The end game is all out war between Islam and Christianity – with the elite expecting to exert even greater, more centralized control in the aftermath – more power for them.  They will fail in the end… but as the games begin, after the global economy tanks, expect WWIII.

About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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