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Austria Closing Down Radical Mosques

To understand Austria’s view of Islam, we must keep in mind that one of history’s watershed moments was the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683


and the failure of the Ottoman Turks to defeat the Christian alliance of Poles, Austrians and other Christian kingdoms defending central Europe.


Once again, Europe is under attack from Muslim invasion; but this time it is called “immigration” and Europe’s traitorous leaders are not only allowing but encouraging the destruction of Western Europe (just as Nostradamus warned WWIII would start.)

With tens of millions of Muslim immigrants in Europe, Muslim enclaves operate under Islamic Law.  There is little assimilation, as the newcomers generally do not want to blend in… their religion commands them to take over.  There are “no-go zones” in which European nations’ police and firefighters dare not go.  Schools often teach in Arabic, or Turkish.  Young Muslims’ allegiance to their new homeland is questionable at best.


A mosque in Vienna, Austria

In France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Britain, the battle for Europe seems lost.  Muslim immigrants have more rights than the native-born.  When they commit crimes, those who point out the crimes by Muslims are arrested (like Tommy Robinson) not the criminals.  Authorities wouldn’t want to seem racist or Islamophobic as their nations are destroyed from within (just as Nostradamus warned WWIII would start.)

Eastern Europe is different.  Hungary lived under Turkish rule.  Poland fought at Vienna to defend Christianity and Europe.  Austria was at the front line of Islams advance in the 17th century.  People there perceive the threat of invasion differently than the naive multiculturalists in the affluent West.  Thank you counterjihadreport blog for another excellent post:

Voice of Europe, June  8, 2018:

Austria’s government said on Friday, that the country plans to shut down 7 mosques and expel up to 60 imams, newspaper Kronen reports. 

Foreign-funded imams and mosques promoting political Islam are main targets of the measures. They will be mostly conducted against mosques and imams controlled by Turkey….  A research into a mosque controlled by the Turkish-Islamic Cultural Associations (ATIB), showed earlier how young boys played soldiers and re-enacted the World War I battle of Gallipoli. As they died for their country, their “corpses” were then lined up and draped in Turkish flags.

Austria’s Chanchellor, Sebastian Kurz, vowed that “parallel societies, political Islam and radicalisation have no place in our country.”

It’s a start.  Maybe Europe won’t just roll over and die with a whimper as Islam conquers it after all.


About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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