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Ancient Aliens: Disclosure or Disinformation?

Last fall, the New York Times and Washington Post were among the more “credible” mainstream media sources that helped spread the message that the Pentagon had spent 22 million dollars studying possible alien spacecraft – unidentified flying objects.  I assure you, the government has spent money many orders of magnitude beyond a paltry 22 million – and doing a lot more that studying the possible existence of UFOs.

Last night, the History Channel premiered the start of a new series on Ancient Aliens.


Personally, I don’t think there is any reason to assume the amazing technological feats of our ancient ancestors had to be built or influenced by extraterrestrials.  The evidence suggests that before the last pole shift Earth had a technologically advanced civilization capable of matching or exceeding the technology we have today.  There’s a good chance we have been digging up examples of this technology from the only spot it was protected by nature – where Atlantis was buried under the Antarctic ice cap after the last pole shift placed it much closer to the South Pole.

As commented on HERE: https://www.sott.net/article/363194-The-History-Channels-assault-on-truth-How-Ancient-Aliens-distracts-from-legitimate-conspiracies-using-shoddy-and-fantastical-reporting

“One could make a strong case that the purpose of shows like Ancient Aliens is to discredit any investigation into “conspiracy theoriesthat actually do have a lot of validity, such as 9/11 being orchestrated by factions within the US government. It’s this sort of “tar-and-feathering” that make Ancient Aliens’ shoddy and fantastical reporting useful to the Deep State, since it has even led [the author of this article] to throw a bunch of other events into the same pot as Ancient Aliens. That’s a simple way to get rid of uncomfortable thoughts for the author, but the truth is that there certainly are conspiracy theories that exist because they rightfully have a lot of evidence and truth to offer, unlike Ancient Aliens.”

Ancient Aliens” put its spurious nonsense front and center. The show’s bedrock is an inversion of Occam’s tool for sorting hypotheses. Call it Giorgio’s Razor: Take the show’s investigation of the Saqqara Bird, a small wooden falcon removed from an Egyptian tomb in 1898. To archaeologists, it looks like a toy, maybe a weathervane.

To “ancient alien theorists,” it’s evidence that the Egyptians of the Old Kingdom had airplanes. To prove that hypothesis on the show, an “aviation and aerodynamics expert” builds a scale model of the bird to see if it will fly.

The series narrator Robert Clotworthy intones over the footage that “during the [expert’s] tests, it was discovered that the only thing preventing the Saqqara bird from achieving flight was the lack of a rear stabilizing rudder, or elevator.” So they add the rudder, and airfoil wings, and discover that if you angle it upwards in a wind-tunnel, it’ll generate lift. Like literally any piece of wood.


…Did ancient Egyptians invent powered flight and leave exactly one child’s toy behind to prove it? Or might it be that the Saqqara bird looks aerodynamic and lacks a horizontal tail rudder because it’s, well, a bird? Applying Giorgio’s Razor reveals the answer. It was aliens. Aliens were flying around in Egypt.”

The author of the article with excerpts cited above makes a valid point – the show sensationalizes foolish ideas, discrediting more credible evidence of alien contact and to a lesser degree, many other “conspiracy theories.”  Much like my own online presence: I can write entire books on pole shifts or Nostradamus or Bible prophecy and no matter how credibly I portray my research and ideas, I can still be portrayed as “Online conspiracy theorist David Montaigne

So consider the following idea: shows like Ancient Aliens claim they are offering the best examples and the most credible evidence of aliens and UFOs – but perhaps they are really helping to create a distraction, a sideshow that discredits the idea…



You decide.  Watch their shows.  Read their articles like:

The 5 Most Credible Modern UFO Sightings

Then ask yourself: is that really the most credible evidence we have?  Or are we being led away to dismiss the idea?  Also consider http://documentaryheaven.com/ancient-aliens-debunked/

There is a video at the site linked above debunking Ancient Alien theories… but the URL and embed links show a Coral Castle video when I try to post it… use the link above.  It’s almost like somebody doesn’t want you to see it…

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