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Paraphrasing Cato: The Democratic Party Must Be Destroyed


I found this article at thepeskytruth blog, but their version, with extra commentary was originally from Peter Skurkiss at American Thinker

“Prior to the Third Punic War against Carthage in the 2nd Century BC, Cato the Elder was said to have ended all his speeches in the Roman senate by saying, “Carthage must be destroyed.” Notice, Cato did not say ‘defeated’ but ‘destroyed.’ . . To Cato, Carthage, although defeated in the Second Punic War, was still a threat to the Republic of Rome.


Let’s move ahead in time. Today we see the depravity and anti-Americanism that is prevalent in today’s Democratic Party is literally putting our constitutional republic at risk. . . Let’s take a look.
On social issues, the Democrats are the leading force of moral decay in America. . . (T)hey rot out the foundation of the Republic and undermine the family.
When it comes to economic matters, Democratic policies suffocate growth through regulations, high taxes, and crony capitalism. In the party’s view, personal self-sufficiency, independence, and holding a traditional family together are sins, while dependency on government is a virtue. . .
Look at the quantity and quality of the type of immigration that the Democrats push for. To the Democrats whose creed is ‘diversity is strength,’ America will be worthy only when its composition mirrors that of the United Nations. If such a suicidal attitude prevails, then the United States as we know it is gone. . .
As for the rule of law, the Democrats have no respect for it save for those instances where it might serve their purpose. And this lawless attitude is not reserved merely for Democratic politicians but extends to the would-be philosopher kings the Democrats want as judges. . . When it comes to the corruption of legislating from the bench, the Democrats have been highly successful, due to an always complicit media and far too often a complacent Republican Party.
In past presidential races since the 1980s, the only election results Democrats accepted as legitimate are the elections they win. To the Democrats, the presidencies of George W. Bush and Donald Trump were illegitimate. And the Democrats acted accordingly to the detriment of the country. This erodes the foundation of our electoral process which bodes ill for the nation.
And what we are seeing today is an unprecedented example of Democrat lawlessness. Their operatives at high levels in the FBI, the Justice Department, and some intelligence agencies actually worked to derail the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and then continued to try to overturn the election results after he won. This is a staggering development that is now being exposed. . .
When in power, the Democrats are oppressors. Think of the abuses of the IRS, the EPA, and the FBI. When out of power, Democrats are energized as hateful antagonists to anyone who disagrees with them. . .
The sentiment that “The Democratic Party must be destroyed” should be etched in the heart and mind of any Republican seeking office. Republicans who strive to ‘work with’ Democrats on an ongoing basis are on a fool’s errand. They clearly do not understand the nature of their enemy they’re dealing with.
In closing, note that Rome won the Third Punic War and totally destroyed Carthage. So there’s hope. . .
Some might say, what would the country do without a second party? Let the Republican party split in two. Or let a new party arise like the GOP did in the 1850s. In any event, the only parties of national scope that should be tolerated are ones devoted to the Constitution and the rule of law.


[commentary from CurtMilr at thepeskytruth blog] “Yes, you know I’m a Republican. More correctly a libertarian constitutional conservative. But the Democrats have turned anti-American and wholly seek to undermine the Constitution as written. That mentality must be erased from the public square as contrary to the existence of the Republic itself. They don’t seek improvement by legal modification, they seek the abject overthrow of constitutional order, if it serves them politically.”

The words of “Conan, the Barbarian” come to mind:

“To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”
The Romans then salted the ground surrounding Carthage so that the City could never be rebuilt and sustained. This too must be done to all those who seek to undermine our Republic and Constitution!

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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


One thought on “Paraphrasing Cato: The Democratic Party Must Be Destroyed

  1. I would agree. What can the Republicans give the people that the Democrats can’t? The democrats control the media and Americans are hooked on the Media cultures and many will believe anything they see and hear on the media. I will most likely be dead when it happens, but the children’s legacy will not be as we have had.
    F.D.R. WAS ONE DEMOCRAT I WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR and I am a Republican and Lincoln was my hero.

    Posted by M.E.Barefoot | June 6, 2019, 2:46 pm

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