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Why aren’t the Democrats horrified by the corruption at the FBI and DOJ?

I assume the following is happening: Those who have the evidence of crime and corruption have many Congressmen, Senators, and other officials by the balls.  While threatening release of the facts, backroom deals are being made.  The criminal politicians are being told what they must do in exchange for a life in politics instead of in jail.  Informing the public is a threat, but unimportant compared to blackmailing the guilty with the evidence against them.  If I am right, 2018 will see the biggest change in American politics since the Civil War.


From: americanthinker.com, by Patricia McCarthy, on Jan 29, 2018

but I found it in the post by garnet92 at thepeskytruth blog here:

“It is becoming clearer by the day, after over a year of investigations, that the Obama administration did indeed weaponize the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the ATF, the IRS and the NSA. Over those eight years, each of the above agencies was transformed into an arm of the Democratic Party tasked with crippling the opposition and abrogating the Constitution.

Since all of the mainstream media already were arms of the DNC, it is well and truly a miracle that Donald Trump prevailed throughout his campaign to win the election, as the entire DC bureaucracy and media were aligned against him. Most of them still are.
Those law enforcement institutions in which Americans have put their trust and faith for many decades have been thoroughly compromised by a group of bad actors at the top, self-appointed arbiters of electoral politics. Besides sullying the reputations of their institutions, this “secret society” of persons who believe themselves to be above the law has lethally betrayed the rank and file employees of those agencies.

The public has seen only a fraction of the material that, according to those who have seen it, proves higher-ups at the DOJ and FBI colluded to clear Hillary Clinton of any responsibility for her many crimes. These operatives knew she had ignored all the rules regarding classified material by having her own private server. They likely all knew the Clinton Foundation was nothing but a pay-to-play outfit to enrich the Clintons (only 6% of its funds went to charity). And this bunch still thought she was qualified to be President, this woman with a forty-year history of lying, cheating, and scheming!

Are there no essential values among these persons privileged to wield power over the rest of us? In collusion with the Clinton campaign, the DNC, the FBI and DOJ worked together to produce and then use fabricated opposition research to obtain FISA warrants to spy on possibly hundreds of people connected to the Trump family and campaign. They did this to bring him down by any means necessary. As many people have observed, this is the stuff of the former Soviet Union and third-world dictatorships.
Information is being released in dribs and drabs, but enough has been made public for all to know that this is the biggest political scandal in American history. The Republicans want to release a memo that is a summary of what the House Intelligence Committee has seen so far. This memo is based solely on documents provided to the committee by the FBI and the DOJ. The Democrats are fighting the release of the said memo.

The ever-obsessed Adam Schiff is determined that no member of the public be allowed to see what our elected representatives have already seen. We are apparently too stupid to grasp the complexities of this summary. Schiff still believes the fabricated Trump/Russia collusion narrative, even though he has seen the documents and texts from Strzok saying there is “no there there” ten months into this scam investigation. Schiff has invested so many television hours in pushing his version of events, the one he so fervently wants to be true, that he can’t let go of it even as it is revealed to be a malicious plan by a group of arrogant civil servants, all of them Democrats.

What is so distressing is that no elected Democrat, not one, has expressed shock or concern that these agencies have been so corrupted. Given what we know so far, every member of Congress and every member of the press should be equally horrified. This level of criminality should offend everyone, every citizen, and every elected official. But to the left, it’s just another dust-up created by those rascally Republicans. Use our law enforcement agencies to destroy a campaign and/or to bring about the impeachment of a President? “So what” seems to be the attitude on the left. The Constitution be damned.
Among these culprits, who include Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok, there is no honor, no respect for the law, the truth or the American people.

Shouldn’t the Democrats be as angry about this as Republicans? Has their hatred for Trump so impaired their judgment that they have sacrificed their integrity, their respect for ethics and the law? How else to explain their full engagement in the cover-up, fueled by their wholesale denial of the facts?

Once DOJ IG Michael Horowitz’s report is released, and if the FISA memo is made public, much more will be clear to everyone. One has to wonder how the Democrats will recover their lost dignity. Their many months-long defense of the indefensible will have done significant damage to their brand [*Communist/Socialist/Anti-American?] unless Democrat voters are as unscrupulous, as unconcerned about honor and ethics as their elected representatives have proven to be.”


[Politicians rarely have dignity, honor, or ethics – and as a sub-class amongst that sorry group, Democrat politicians generally seem to have even less.]

And I’ve got another burning question for democrats:
Why have only TWELVE (12) democrat members of the House bothered to read the FISA memo? According to Tucker Carlson, almost two hundred (190) Republican members have read the memo, but only 12 democrats? Out of 194 democrats in the House, only TWELVE (12) thought that the allegations supposedly resident in that memo are important enough to read them for themselves?

Here’s what I think is happening: The representatives have been instructed, DO NOT read the memo. Why else would only 12 of 194 read it? Wouldn’t ordinary curiosity warrant a larger percentage than that? To quote Joe Biden, “this is a big f’ing deal,” are they not the least bit curious? We’re talking about misdeeds that can shake the very foundation of our country.

I suspect that the party leadership doesn’t want to take the chance that a dem might read the memo and realize that he/she was aligned with a party populated by a corrupt, manipulative gang of scofflaws.

Who knows, he or she could possibly make public statements that could be damaging to the party before party leaders have constructed their standardized rebuttal; the common talking points intended to obfuscate and divert attention away from the facts.
For me, the answer is to appoint Trey Gowdy as a Special Prosecutor to prosecute all of the bad actors that were part of this anti-American conspiracy. I’ll bet that he’d take that job.”

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