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Democrat Criminals Should Not Be Above The Law

There seems to be a legitimate anti-corruption effort starting around the world, including Saudi Arabia and the United States at the top of my list. I hear rumors as to why… time will tell if indictments really go anywhere or if the trend continues meaningfully and major criminals start to pay the price for their crimes instead of paying to stay above the law.  I hope we see the big players who have felt themselves “above the law” and ruled like corrupt traitors arrested like never before.


From the original post by garnet92 at the pesky truth blog here:

“One of the bedrock principles that we hold dear in the United States is that “no one is above the law.”  That principle is part of what separates us from many other nations; we require that our national leadership honor the same laws as ordinary citizens.

At least, that’s what we say.  In practice, it’s not exactly what we do. Recent history doesn’t contain many examples of a person with status, like a high government official, actually going to prison for a felony. Yes, there are a few, but the odds favor anyone with the financial wherewithal to hire good legal representation. And, the higher the level of the individual (more power held), the lower the chances are that they’ll be punished.


In the last decade, we’ve seen numerous examples of crimes committed by high government officials, and they’re usually swept under the rug or consequences rendered impotent by politically-inspired judges. The American public has every right to be skeptical of a politician “paying a price” for malfeasance in office – it very seldom happens….


Yesterday, we published a list of twelve participants in an attempted overthrow, a Coup D’état of the 2016 election where Donald Trump bested Hillary Clinton and won the presidency. Those individuals (and others) were conspirators in schemes to 1) prevent Trump from winning the election and failing that, 2) forcibly remove him from office if he somehow managed to win.


If President Donald Trump is to choose a hill to die on, it ought to be to reinforce that time-honored, but often ignored principle that “no one is above the law.” Consider Holder, Lynch, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, et al, – these were all “heavy hitters” in our law enforcement, justice, and intelligence agencies. And yet, they apparently committed numerous egregious crimes. If past history is any guide, they’ll all get away scot-free with nothing more than the proverbial slap on the wrist. I honestly wish that I had more confidence that they’ll be held to account for their actions, but I’ve seen this situation before, and it seldom ends with justice overcoming evil.

If the evidence warrants prosecution and trials for any of the participants who conspired to prevent Donald Trump from becoming a successful president, anyone convicted, regardless of their previous position of power, should suffer punishment no less severe than an ordinary citizen would suffer under similar circumstances. It wouldn’t be easy; the democrats would fight, tooth and nail, to save their minions from being labeled guilty of crimes and thereby sullying the “good name” of the democrat party.

Imagine how that would play not only to American citizens but to the world’s nations at large. It would display, for all to see, that our national principles are sacred and would further solidify our uniqueness among the world’s nations.


I view this entire 2016 election debacle to be a milestone in our history. We can either swing for the fence or strikeout. History will reflect how President Trump, and Republicans in general, handled this crisis. We could see a resurgence in confidence in government or watch as our founder’s dreams slowly circle the drain.  What happens over the next year or so will have monumental effects on the presidential legacies of both Barack Obama and Donald Trump.


I pray that truth wins.” [end of excerpts from garnet92 blog. photos from other sources]

Rumors suggest that HUGE changes are coming to America and the world over the next few years.  Will we be able to connect some dots and verify why soon?  I hope so.  Comments are always welcome here; more so than usual on this post.  Please consider adding your thoughts – and subscribing to follow my blog…

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