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Huge New Chamber Discovered in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Even mainstream news sources like this article from NBC acknowledge a new chamber found in the Great Pyramid of Giza: “Cosmic rays have revealed a hidden void inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, scientists said Thursday.  They don’t know what’s in it or what it was built for, but it does not look like a secret burial chamber. It’s shaped more like a 30-yard-long gallery or corridor, the international team of researchers reported in the journal Nature.”

It’s the “first major inner structure found in the Great Pyramid since the 19th century,” the team added…. Now the question is how to get a better look at what’s in there, but that would require drilling.”

It sounds more interesting in the article at Vox, where Brian Resnick said: “This tantalizing finding raises more questions than it answers.”


“The “ScanPyramids Big Void,” as scientists are calling it, is around 98 feet long and about 50 feet high. The investigators don’t know what’s inside this void or what its purpose is. Nor do they have any way to currently access it.”

    It seems safe to assume that the builders of the pyramid wanted future generations to find this unconnected chamber system LAST.
    Since the entire pyramid is a mathematical key to measurements of the Earth, Moon, and Sun, and a system of measurements and scientific knowledge – it is possible that a Hall of Records, or the Emerald Books of Thoth, or something with a new level of ancient records or scientific development is waiting within.  If you haven’t studied the measurements, you have no idea how much detailed scientific data the Egyptians had about the sizes and distances between various heavenly bodies.  We only caught up in the 1970s.
    Many people believe the pyramid is also a prophetic calendar warning of an event coming very soon.  This is speculation; but books have suggested it points to the timing of the Second Coming, or a Pole Shift.
    I assume many secrets have already been found, but that religions and governments have reasons to keep quiet, and not change peoples’ perceptions of the past, or the future…
    But I could be wrong, this could also be a small step in a larger disclosure.  For at least a year, lots of high ranking visits to Antarctica have generated rumors that artifacts, if not temples and cities – of an ancient civilization from before the Flood have been found.  Just rumors of course.  It’s not like there’s any evidence (sarcasm) of advanced civilization going back many thousands of years beyond what we’re taught…  Before the last pole shift when Antarctica was still habitable, and thoroughly mapped before there was an ice sheet… But I digress.  Big secret chamber found in Great Pyramid.  More news on that when they feel like telling us.

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