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Poland Resists EU “Diversity” Demands

George Kocan recently wrote a post called:

Polish Resistance to “Diversity”

Excerpts here:

“The European Union is pressuring Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republican to allow the resettlement Muslim refugees in their countries. Poland has refused, saying, “We learn from others mistakes.”  Western European leaders seem to have little sympathy for their Eastern brethren.  The problem can be traced to the different histories of the peoples involved.  Poland, along with the others, has a strong collective memory of diversity and invasions from the East.

In the 15th Century, Poland and Lithuania combined into a Commonwealth, where Lithuanians enjoyed all the rights of Polish people.  It was, in other words, an early exercise in “diversity”.  This combination made the Commonwealth the most powerful nation in Europe at that time.

Over the centuries, Polish “diversity” grew.  Polish kings invited Jews and Germans to settle in Poland and develop commerce and agriculture.  Eventually, Jews from all over Europe settled in Poland because of its appreciation of “diversity”.  As a result of various wars other ethnic groups also settled in Poland…

Polish history includes also a time when its parliament observed the liberum veto.  This meant that no law could be passed if just one member opposed it.  The consequence of that was that the government could not raise enough money to defend the Polish border.  Anyone could just walk over at will.  Poland, being a plain or a steppe, has few natural borders like mountains.

…Poland’s neighbors, Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary, partitioned the country three ways, and it disappeared off the map of Europe.    The memories of these invasions have become part of the culture. I find the behavior of the European Union leaders disappointing, because it shows a callousness regarding the historical experiences of a people.

Unless the U.S. takes seriously its problems with the border and immigration, I believe that the same thing will happen here.  For some time, now, some Hispanic groups have been calling for a “Reconquista” to re-attach parts of the U.S. to Mexico.  To be informed is to be warned.


I commented: “Any nation benefits from selective immigration. America benefits from taking the best and brightest from overseas; but not from those who don’t intend to assimilate and only want to milk the welfare state. Sweden and Germany exemplify the massive problems coming from offering too much to too many and expecting too little. The result is an Islamic Invasion of Europe, currently just through immigration – but when it comes to a head someday, don’t be surprised to see nations like Turkey or Iran send “peacekeepers” to protect their Islamic brothers from persecution in Greece, or Italy, or France someday. My last book details Nostradamus prophecies of the invasion of Europe that may soon come as a result of “neglect” and “negligence.” Bravo to Poland for learning from France’s mistakes, and Sweden’s mistakes, and Germany’s mistakes… and not wanting to open their borders to accumulate no-go zones and rapists…”




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