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ISIS Commander Defects; Describes Torture and Terror within ISIS

Reports about the death of al-Baghdadi were false

Last week, ISIS unexpectedly published a recorded speech by leader al-Baghdadi, after a year of silence.

Russian reports from earlier this spring that the ISIS leader had been killed in an airstrike on Raqqa proved to be untrue.

This did not come as a surprise to Abu Abboud al-Raqqawi, he already knew that the supreme leader had survived.

“Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi led the retreat from Mosul. ….al-Baghdadi had sworn to refuse all food and live on just dates and water until God helped them to lift the blockade on Mosul,” Says al-Raqqawi. Living on dates and water is a way for him to demonstrate that he is following in the footsteps of the prophet Mohammed.

“Until very recently, Abu Abboud al-Raqqawi was a senior member of ISIS in the terrorist sect’s unofficial capital of Raqqa in Syria.

“A year after they established the caliphate, I realized it was false. Nobody dared talk openly about it. Anyone who did was killed.”

“I believed in them. I believed that they were true Muslims. Until they began slaughtering people and executing left, right and centre.”

For the first time, a defecting ISIS Emir has now come forward and talked openly about ISIS’s reign of terror and about life inside the caliphate.”

from: ISIS commander on the run tells of the terror inside the terrorist sect



— He has seen men boiled alive in engine oil and others ripped apart between two vehicles.

— He was offered the chance to buy five women as sex slaves, but says he declined.

“We got to see and participate in executions, to make us brutal. It was part of the training. The first time I witnessed an execution, it was an older man who had been accused of practising witchcraft. They shoved his head between two planks of wood, and the executioner chopped his head off with an axe. I was standing so close that I could see the way small bits of flesh were dangling from his neck and the way blood was pumping out of his headless body,” recalls al-Raqqawi.

“They tie one rope around their right foot and one around their left foot. One vehicle is stationary and another drives off. You’re ripped in two. It’s unfathomable brutality.”

— Abu Abboud al-Raqqawi enjoyed a comfortable life as a top boss – Emir – in terrorist sect ISIS’s capital, Raqqa in Syria.

Today he is on the run from ISIS with his four wives.

In a world-exclusive interview with Expressen’s Middle Eastern correspondent, Kassam Hamadé, he tells of life inside the terrorist sect.

“Everything is about to collapse,” says al-Raqqawi.

[End Excerpt]

And this is what they call the “religion of peace.” Imagine what it would be like if it were warlike!

It would seem that Russia is TRULY against ISIS, while much evidence shows the CIA supporting ISIS.  Someone certainly benefits from their continued existence.  Will they be able to continue much longer?  Will the Islamic Caliphate get stronger again, or will it disappear and leave a power vacuum for Iran and other troublemakers to fill?  Will any one nation or caliphate rise up to lead the Islamic world against the West, as Nostradamus (and the Bible, and the Qu’ran) seems to suggest in prophecies of WWIII?

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