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Liberals and Gun Confiscation

After any shooting, we can expect a barrage of arguments for and against various levels of gun control. I’m all for intense background checks and long waiting periods.  But in general we need tougher follow up on criminals, not restrictions that limit the rights of everyone else.  We don’t make cars or driving illegal, despite many fatalities.  We take away drivers licenses from those who drive drunk and/or have too many accidents.  We keep driving cars for a reason – they’re very useful.  And we have gun rights for a good reason – bad things tend to happen when the people don’t have any guns.


David Harsanyi rebukes Bret Stephens comments at thefederalist.com HERE

“The idea that gun-control advocates don’t want to confiscate your weapons is, of course, laughable. They can’t confiscate your weapons, so they support whatever feasible incremental steps inch further towards that goal. Some folks are more considerate and get right to the point.

“I have never understood the conservative fetish for the Second Amendment,” writes The New York Times’ new-ish conservative columnist Bret Stephens today… (Skipping long quotes of Stephens’ liberal nonsense posing for rational argument…) Harsanyi comments…“It is almost humorous reading someone advising you not to worry about domestic tyranny as he explains why the state should eradicate a constitutional right and confiscate your means of self-defense.”


From The American Thinker

Hayley Geftman-Gold, the now fired CBS lawyer who was until yesterday a vice president in their strategic transactions department, has become the poster girl for ruling-class progressive hatred and condescension toward working-class whites.  With two Ivy League degrees (Penn undergrad, Columbia Law) to her name, standing as “an officer of the court” in the New York State Bar, a powerful position in shaping the future of a major media purveyor of news and politics, an entrepreneur husband[i], and a fashionable Brooklyn Heights address, she is clearly a member of the ruling class, junior division.

……Yet she threw it all away – the six-figure income, the corporate and social position – with a now notorious Facebook post that went viral almost immediately (and subsequently was taken down).

“I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans are often Republican gun toters.”

Switching sources now to Kurt Schlicter’s comments at townhall.com:

“I don’t agree with liberals often, because I’m not an idiot and because I love America, but when they once again say, “We must have a conversation about guns!” I still couldn’t agree more. And, since all we’ve heard is you leftists shrieking at us all week, I’ll start it off.”

You don’t ever get to disarm us. Not ever.

There. It sure feels good to engage in a constructive dialogue.

Now, we should have this conversation because in recent years we’ve seen a remarkable antipathy for the fact that normal Americans even have rights among those on the left. We should have this conversation to clear the air before leftists push too far and the air gets filled with smoke. But we really don’t need to have a conversation about our rights to keep and bear arms. They’re rights. There’s nothing to talk about.

This goes for all our rights that the left hates, like the rights to speak and write freely, to practice our religion as we see fit, and to not be railroaded by liberal authority without due process. Leftists hate our rights because they hate us, and when we assert our rights it gets in the way of their malicious schemes to dominate and control us. It makes them stamp their little sandaled feet in rage when we normals just won’t cooperate and surrender our rights. But we love our rights – rights are wonderful things with which we were endowed by our Creator, and which our beloved Constitution merely reiterates. But the left, including its pet media, thinks that our rights were merely iterated, and that the left can take an eraser to the parchment and – voila! – no more pesky rights…”


For more of Kurt Schlicter’s long and wonderful rant against liberal insanity at townhall.com,

Nothing Makes Liberals Angrier Than Us Normals Insisting On Our Rights

click HERE

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