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The Truth About the Google ‘Diversity’ Memo – Freedoms are Being Destroyed


The fact that some guy you never heard of before was fired from a company for expressing concern over internal corporate behaviors he felt were discriminatory wouldn’t normally be big news.  But this is extremely important, once you pay attention and think about it a little.

Google effectively IS the internet.  Google decides what they allow you to see, what is ranked high in searches, what makes money from hits/advertising – what succeeds in getting public attention and influencing public opinion.  Google has a monopoly on the flow of information.


And Google just gave a big f**k you to freedom of speech and diversity in favor of its liberal/progressive agenda.  If someone expresses views that are typical of whites, males, and or conservatives, they are getting fired, banned, demonetized, and de-legitimized.  They will slowly be marginalized and erased from the public view, so that Google can help create that lib-prog utopia that is always at least one execution away…

The fired Google engineer – James Damore – basically commented on disparities from a LOGICAL point of view and said its not all bigotry, sexism, and racism – there are other factors to consider.  He dared to suggest that it would be a mistake to act as if “all disparities in representation are due to oppression” and to avoid the conclusion that “we should discriminate to correct for this oppression.”  For this logical analysis and suggestions (see link below for his full text) he was quickly fired, proving his point.


For the full text of the original employee memo, look HERE



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