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IMMORTALITY? Scientists Found a Way to Stop Aging in Human Cells

Excerpts below from yesterday’s article at Motherboard HERE

They targeted telomeres, caps on chromosomes whose length roughly corresponds to age.

Humans have long been trying to achieve immortality, or at least live for 100 years and beyond. Some people think we’re getting closer, and new research is sure to bolster that belief: Scientists say they’ve managed to reverse aging in human cells.

“We can make aged cells younger,” said Dr. John Cooke, department chair of cardiovascular sciences at Houston Methodist Research Institute, who is lead author of the paper published Monday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

…In the new study, Cooke’s team took cells from children with progeria, a rare genetic condition that causes them to rapidly age. “These children lose their hair, they have osteoporosis. They look drawn and older,” he told me in a phone call. These kids typically live to their early or mid-teens, when they die of a heart attack or stroke. This patient group is in desperate need of new life-prolonging treatments… The paper notes that 12 of the 17 participants in this study (aged one to 14 years) had shortened telomeres, similar to what would be seen in cells from a healthy 69-year-old. Cooke said their cells can tell us something valuable about the aging process in healthy humans, too.


Cooke’s team used a technology called RNA therapeutics, which delivers RNA directly into cells, to spur cells to produce telomerase, a protein that lengthens telomeres. The technique improved cells’ lifespan and function. Before, cells would “multiply very poorly and then die,” Cooke said. After the procedure, “cells proliferated normally. It was a dramatic improvement.” Markers of aging, such as the release of inflammatory proteins, were reduced…”

read more at the full article

As a student of Bible prophecy, I suspect that we will not be allowed “to eat from the tree of life” in any way.  I will also note that for the first time in at least 5000+ years, there will be an astronomical alignment corresponding to the positions of the ancient Jewish design of the Tree of Life (see Weidner and Bridges: The Great Cross of Hendaye) in January 2020, and it has been suggested (in End Times and 2019, etc) that Judgment Day will come first.



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