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Moon Landing: 48 years ago – Faked by Stanley Kubrick? Is the confession REAL?

July 20, 1969 – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin exited the Lunar Landing Module and became the first men to walk on the Moon.  I recently found some old newspaper headlines someone was throwing away, and salvaged these:

Moon Landing Newspapers.jpeg

My question is: if we really did land on the Moon as we are told, why have we not returned in almost 50 years?  Am I supposed to believe there is no technological benefit to having a scientific base on the Moon?  Am I supposed to believe NASA’s excuse that “we forgot how to do it”?  Or is it more likely that there is some kind of conspiracy?  If we actually found evidence that aliens had observation bases there, would we report it?  If we found evidence that a previous, lost human civilization like Atlantis had risen and fallen and been to the Moon thousands of years ago, would we re-write history, or hide and study their technology?


While describing the effects of POLE SHIFTS in my book: End Times and 2019, I refernced this image from a granite carving on Egypt’s Osirion temple of what appear to be the VIMANA (flying craft from ancient India) described in detail for 300 pages (comments on fuel consumption, metallurgy, weapons, special clothes needed, eavesdropping on enemy vimana, etc.) in the ancient Sanskrit Mahabharata.


I love Jay Weidner’s take: America never showed the public any real footage.  We may have gone to the moon for real, but what was found CANNOT be publicized.  Film Director Stanley Kubrick filmed 2001: A Space Odyssey and simultaneously faked the moon landing under government orders.  Many years later, he gave hints of “his greatest work” in “The Shining.”  Pay close attention to the “arbitrary” and “meaningless” deviations and changes from the Stephen King novel the movie was based on.  Jack Nicholson’s character, the crazy father, typed nothing for his “novel” but “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  Is the first word “A-L-L” or “A-1-1” = Apollo 11?  Why does the boy, Danny, play on what looks like a launch pad, and wear an Apollo 11 rocket sweater when he realizes something is wrong in the movie?

Stanley Kubrick’s “alleged” (some say it’s fake) confession filmed in the 1990s came out in 2015: he said: “There’s a movie I’ve made and nobody is aware of it even though they’ve seen it.”

“Ive perpetrated a huge fraud… involving the United States government and NASA… the moon landings were faked” “the conspiracy theorists were right” “a challenge like you’ve never seen” “you don’t even think of the morality of it” “you’re swept away by your own ego.”

interviewer: “This could get you killed”

Kubrick: “That’s why this isn’t being released until fifteen years after I’m dead.”  “This is my f**king masterpiece… this is better than 2001.”

The next video explains why they think the alleged Kubrick confession is a fake:


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