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Sweden: Erdogan Orchestrated Failed 2016 Coup In Turkey For His Dictatorship

On July 15, 2016 Turkey allegedly experienced a coup attempting to overthrow the government of President Recep Erdogan.  I commented from the start that the coup seemed like a staged, fake coup – in which no military or political leaders were killed, kidnapped, or arrested – no list of demands was made, and no signs of a serious takeover attempt were present.  But the fake coup allowed Erdogan to arrest tens of thousands of judges, military officers, university professors, TV and radio commentators, newspaper reporters – and anyone else who had voiced their opposition to his rule – now strengthened into a dictatorship.

I also pointed out years ago in Antichrist 2016-2019 that whoever the Antichrist proves to be, Bible prophecy points to him seizing more dictatorial power around June 2016, before eventually leading the world to war through an Islam vs. Christianity civilizational struggle.


Perhaps because of my interpretations of Bible prophecy, my comments on the Turkish coup being faked just for Erdogan to consolidate power were considered nonsense by some readers.  Nostradamus also warns of an Islamic Antichrist unifying the Muslim world through Iran and Turkey and starting WWIII, as I describe in my more recent book: Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe.

As evidence on the Turkish coup was collected, even Wikipedia says (as of today, July 6, 2017):

“During and after the events, several politicians and commentators suggested that the government knew about the coup in advance and possibly directed it. The facts that the coup attempt began in the evening rather than at a more inconspicuous time, the events were largely confined to Ankara and Istanbul contributed to doubts about the authenticity of the coup attempt. Journalists and opposition politicians branded it a ‘tragic comedy’ and ‘theatre play’. Advocates of such theories pointed to how Erdoğan stood to gain from the coup attempt in terms of increasing his popularity and support for his calls for an executive presidency, while being able to legitimise further crackdowns on judicial independence and the opposition in general.

Other elements that were claimed to support the conspiracy theory included: no list of demands by the coup plotters, the organization and response of the police, the long lists of arrests that seemed to be ready surprisingly quickly (including arrests of 2,745 judges and 2,839 soldiers), and the highly visible nature of the coup actions.

Fethullah Gülen, whom Erdoğan had accused as being one of the principal conspirators, commented, “I don’t believe that the world believes the accusations made by President Erdoğan. There is a possibility that it could be a staged coup and it could be meant for further accusations [against the Gülenists].”  Journalist Cengiz Çandar, a veteran observer of Turkey’s coups, said “I have never seen any with this magnitude of such inexplicable sloppiness.”

Evidence of pre-planning

The organisation and spontaneous synchronisation by large numbers of mosques was perceived to be unachievable unless there had been prior preparation, with journalists also pointing to how the call to prayer could have been strategically used by Erdoğan to invoke religious sentiment in a political situation as a veiled attack on state secularism.

Thousands of arrests and purges were conducted by Turkish authorities between 16–18 July 2016, as noted above. The sheer number of these arrests made at such a speed could only be done so if the “Turkish government had all those lists ready”, as suggested by Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, on 18 July 2016. Hahn also claimed that because these lists were already available immediately after the coup, the “event was prepared” and the lists were to be used “at a certain stage”.

Possible connections of the coup leaders to Erdoğan

Mehmet Dişli, who was seen giving orders to the coup plotters and who was the one who put a belt around Hulusi Akar’s neck to make him sign, is the brother of Şaban Dişli, a former vice president of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and confidant of Erdoğan.

Possible government motives

A number of social media users have compared the coup attempt to the Reichstag fire in 1933, which Adolf Hitler used as an excuse to suspend civil liberties and order mass arrests of his opponents. Politico correspondent Ryan Heath speculated that the coup was staged to give Erdoğan an opportunity to purge the military of opponents and increase his grip on the country. Heath used Twitter to share comments from his Turkish source, who called the events of Friday night a “fake coup” which would help a “fake democracy warrior” (referring to Erdoğan). The source noted: “Probably we’ll see an early election [in] which he’ll try to guarantee an unbelievable majority of the votes. And this will probably guarantee another 10–15 years of authoritarian, elected dictatorship.”

The New York Times reported that some Turkish citizens believed the coup attempt was staged by Erdoğan to improve his public image and popularity, while cracking down on political opponents and expanding his power. Certain theorists found it suspect that reportedly no government officials were arrested or harmed during the attempted coup, which—among other factors—raised the suspicion of a false flag event staged by the Turkish government to crack down on opposition parties.”

YESTERDAY, the Stockholm Center for Freedom released a report on their assessment, reaching the same conclusions:

Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan orchestrated a false flag coup in Turkey last year in order to create an excuse to persecute thousands of critics and opponents and install martial law, according to a shocking report conducted by Stockholm Center for Freedom (SCF). 

According to the report, the failed July 15 coup, allowed Erdogan and his henchmen to round up and incarcerate journalists, citizens, and judges who were critical of his regime.

Stockholmcf.org reports: Based on publicly available data, the coup indictments, testimonials in court trials, private interviews, reviews of military expert opinions and other evidence collected by researchers, SCF is fairly confident that this attempt did not even qualify a coup bid in any sense of military mobilization which was unusually limited in numbers, confined in few cities, poorly managed, defied the established practices, tradition, rules of engagement and standard operating procedures in Turkish military.”

Conclusion: Watch Erdogan

In English gematria, his name even works out equal to 666


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