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Could Obama Return for a “Red Wedding” Event?

The Red Wedding in “Game of Thrones” is a scene at a royal wedding in which most guests are lulled in with false promises of good intentions and security, only to be betrayed, locked in, and murdered in a massacre in which one side’s leaders are annihilated and the perpetrators enjoy a total victory.

The left is doing everything they can to try to set up Trump for impeachment.

Obama has joked about “the end of the Republic” and intentions to “bar the doors” on Republicans and “take care of this right now” in his words: “like the red wedding.”

Obama Devil Shadow

In a previous book I detailed the evidence pointing to the possibility of Obama as the main candidate for the biblical Antichrist.  Unless he comes back as United Nations Secretary General or seizes power in a leftist coup some other way, I no longer see him as the lead contender.  After the fake Turkish coup in July 2016 at almost the exact time when Bible prophecy warns the Antichrist would seize more dictatorial power, I see Erdogan as the most likely one now…

But anti-Obama conspiracy theorist Jonathan Kleck warns in this video that Obama is still very much in play:


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2 thoughts on “Could Obama Return for a “Red Wedding” Event?

  1. I had a dream from the lORD I asked HIM to give me a dream about the last days there was a long line of people very very long and in front of the line people were getting there heads chopped off because they wouldn’t take the mark of the beast the leader of this was I believe I truly believe was Obama he had a black suit or dark one and it looks like a wizard like sute with a cover over his head that looks like the mitsbishi vcr and car simb now think about this I was around 16 at the time I’m 42 now he was unheard of then .

    Posted by Terry | August 12, 2017, 11:28 pm
  2. Let’s see if the truth gets posted it’s the comments right before this one.

    Posted by Terry | August 12, 2017, 11:31 pm

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