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What will Start The Big Collapse?

After the inevitable economic collapse (within the next year) there will be WAR.

But what will be the final straw to catalyze the collapse?


From the sentinelblog HERE

“It’s no “coincidence” that the Fed did everything it could, from a monetary standpoint, to support the Obama Administration – whilst doing everything in its power; like, say, raising rates into a plunging economy, and hinting it may “normalize” its balance sheet; to sabotage Donald Trump?  You know, the “low interest rate person,” and “King of Debt,” who claims the “too strong” dollar is “killing” us.

OK, now that today’s “housekeeping” is behind us, let’s move on to one of the direst topics I’ve been forced to address – based on the mosaic I’ve developed in watching historically ominous geopolitical events unfold.  Which, per today’s title, have caused me to “update” my internal “most likely to catalyze the big one” forecast.  Not that I, or anyone else, has a “crystal ball” regarding the potential for major events to occur – particularly “black swans” that, by definition, could not possibly be predicted.  That said, plenty of “grey swans” are lurking in the forefront; i.e., the “known unknowns” Donald Rumsfeld would have been watching – in his case, likely centered around his traitorous “neocon” circle.

In 2013, I wrote of the “neck and neck race to catalyze the big one”; citing Greece and India – the former, due to the accelerating economic collapse that, four years later, is much worse; and the latter, due to the draconian Precious Metal tariffs they issued at the time, in a gold and silver loving country whose “currency,” the Rupee, had plunged to a fresh all-time low.  Today, the Rupee is barely higher – and India has been thrown into monetary chaos by the “cash ban” imposed by its despotic Prime Minister, Narendra Modi; which is probably why Indian Precious Metal demand is again surging, whilst India now accounts for roughly 10% of all Bitcoin trading.  Thus, despite neither nation having actually “catalyzed the Big One” since that article was penned, they are both far closer than ever before.  And if not for the historic market manipulation that will ultimately end in catastrophe, Greece, India, and perhaps a dozen other “grey swan” nations may well have catalyzed the Big One already.

Fast forward to 2017, to a world with many more potential catalysts, given that the global economy is much worse than 2013; the debt situation worse than any time ever; political strife, social unrest, and geopolitical tension unlike anything since World War II; and the monetary destruction, unparalleled in human history.  Frankly there are too many “swan-like” issues to address at once – which is why the FREE, DAILY Miles Franklin Blog is so invaluable.  However, given what appears to be an increasingly dangerous situation in the aforementioned geopolitical hotspot, it’s time to unveil my “newest most likely to catalyze the Big One”; and with it, the hideous Cartel that has all but destroyed the mining industry in its two-decade quest to kick the can as far as possible, yielding the inevitable PM price resurgence that must mathematically occur.  To that end, consider the explosion we are currently witnessing in the crypto-currency space, as the world starts to realize the end of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme is at hand; and realize that when it inevitably devolves into chaos, history’s oldest, most time-tested stores of value will be in demand like never before – at a time when the global population has never been larger; and physical gold, silver, and platinum supply never lower, relative to the amount of “money” printed.

Read More Here: My Newest “Most Likely To Catalyze The Big One” | Miles Franklin


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