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Turkey is the Key: Gog & Magog, End Times, Nostradamus Prophecies…

No matter what end times prophecies you look at, Turkey is a key player in the next big war.  Gog & Magog are not in Russia, they are in Turkey.

Turkey is key

The seven churches mentioned in Revelation are in Turkey.  Pergammum, “where Satan’s throne is” – is in Turkey.  The last Islamic Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, was based in Turkey.  The clues pointing to the biblical Antichrist seem to match Turkey’s dictator Erdogan: the number of the Turkish President’s name using English Gematria equals 666:

This is not just a coincidence, as there are no other current world leaders that have their given names equal 666.

Even Nostradamus repeatedly mentions Turkey leading an alliance of Islamic nations against the Christian West when the 27 year war he describes (2001-2028?) between the two religions eventually progresses into WWIII.

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti reviews many of the reasons to focus on Turkey when we think of WWIII and look to prophecy for clues – and plenty of new clues have emerged since this video was made that point to Turkey again!

Read:  Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe


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One thought on “Turkey is the Key: Gog & Magog, End Times, Nostradamus Prophecies…

  1. The battle in the physical realm, i.e., on Earth is mostly due to events in the spiritual dimension. Hence awareness about the battle’s root causes is limited only to those who are spiritually evolved through the medium of advanced sixth sense. In fact, only a fraction of the battle will be experienced on Earth at the physical level. However, this fraction itself will be catastrophic enough and will be the cause of mass destruction. Humankind will experience this fraction of the battle in the form of increased natural disasters and World War 3 where weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons will be used. The rise in natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and volcanoes will be primarily due to the rise in spiritual impurity fueled by unrighteousness on Earth. Spiritual research on this phenomenon has been covered in the article on Natural disasters – a spiritual perspective. The people and events that will precipitate World War 3 will be under the control of higher level negative energies known as subtle-sorcerers (māntriks).

    The following table compares the severity between the various World Wars taking into account both the subtle and physical aspects.

    Name of the war Year Relative severity of the subtle and physical battle
    World War 1 1914 – 1918 1
    World War 2 1939 – 1945 1.5
    World War 3 2015 – 2023 4.5
    *Note: Towards the end of World War 3, the severity of the destruction caused by war will be 4.5 times that of World War 1 and 3 times World War 2.

    The above table gives one an understanding of the scale of the subtle-battle and World War 3. All the major disasters and terrorist activities of the past few years are tell-tale signs directly related to the subtle-battle. Higher level negative energies such as subtle-sorcerers possess individuals that have a mentality to harm society and carry out terrorist activities through them on mankind.

    Posted by EVERYTHING that's ANYTHING | May 30, 2017, 7:20 am

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