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Dr. Robert Schoch Discusses Signs of Imminent Upcoming Ice Age and a Conscious Sun

Dr. Schoch first became famous around 1993 when as a PhD in Geology, he was willing to stick his neck out for a TV series called The Mysterious Origins of Man, narrated by Charleton Heston – in which Schoch described the evidence showing the Sphinx in Egypt was eroded by millennia of intense rainfall, and that it must have been built thousands of years earlier than commonly taught, before major changes in Egypt’s climate. (In my opinion, before the last Pole Shift.)

As he recently wrote in this article,”Some researchers suggest that although the Sun was very active in the last few decades, it has in recent years gone into a quiescence period. Some even claim we might be headed for another “ice age” (whether a mini or major ice age). I feel this is an invalid extrapolation of the limited data we have… [because] we should not extrapolate from a few years (or even a couple of decades) of relatively low solar activity to the conclusion that we are imminently entering another ice age.”


“Looking at the longer term pattern of solar activity over the last 12,000 years (reconstructed from such data as isotope concentrations in Greenland ice cores), my judgment is that our Sun is showing all of the same signs of extreme variability and disequilibria which occurred at the end of the last ice age.”

Schoch continues to suggest that the SUN may be CONSCIOUS

A Conscious Sun?

For the past several years my wife, Catherine (Katie) Ulissey, has been following observations of the Sun on a regular – usually daily – basis. Solar flares and accompanying coronal mass ejections (CMEs) can erupt from sunspots, so sunspots and their activity are a potential short-term indicator of an impending major solar outburst that, if Earth-directed, could cause massive devastation to our modern technological society, as might have happened if the July 2012 solar eruption had hit us.

Katie often comments to me that otherwise very active sunspots strangely lessen the severity of their activity, producing smaller solar flares and so forth, or even appear to become temporarily dormant and shut down their activity, when they are Earth-facing. Then, as they move around to the side and back of the Sun (as viewed from Earth; the Sun rotates on its axis and of course Earth revolves around the Sun), these same sunspots begin firing again, increasing their activity dramatically. It is as if the Sun is aware of Earth’s presence and is attempting to avoid spewing a major solar outburst (whether a solar flare, CME, or some other type of solar eruption) directly at us.

Katie is not the only observer to comment anecdotally on this apparent pattern; others have independently suggested, perhaps in jest, that our Sun is consciously attempting to protect us from being hit by a major solar outburst. In analogy, imagine a person who is about to sneeze, but is able to hold it long enough to turn away and avoid sneezing on someone else.

This may seem like a very weak basis for suggesting our Sun has the property of consciousness, but there is additional evidence. The Sun is a fairly typical star, and it has been found stars exhibit anomalous behaviours that are not easily explained by the theories of standard physics….”

“…consciousness may be inherent to the manifestation of matter and exist throughout the universe – with most conscious beings taking forms other than “biological organisms,” yet we as carbon-based life forms may have a difficult time recognising consciousness in other forms of matter. The physicist Max Tegmark (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA) has suggested consciousness may be a “state of matter” (“perceptronium”) – perhaps this is a state of matter that our Sun, and stars more generally, possess.”

For more of his thoughts, read the full article linked above, or his previous book:

For more on the above, read Dr. Robert Schoch’s book:

Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future

which I reviewed years ago on Amazon HERE



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