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Liberated, Not Occupied – Israel Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary of Unified Jerusalem

Fireworks at the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem mark the opening of a week of celebrations for the 50-year anniversary of the reunification of the holy city. May 21, 2017

“We have not occupied,” Netanyahu told those gathered at the foot of the Tower of David in the Old City, “We have liberated. “I say to the world in a calm, clear voice: Jerusalem was and always will be the capital of Israel.”


The Old City of Jerusalem ablaze in the glow of fireworks as a week of celebrations kicks off to mark a half century of reunification of the eternal capital of Israel and the Jewish People.

In our Western (Gregorian) calendar, the liberation of eastern Jerusalem by Israeli soldiers took place the night of June 6-7, 1967 – in the Six Day War.  In the Jewish (lunar) calendar, this year the anniversary is in late May… This could be considered the “jubilee” year of Jerusalem’s unification in 1967 (which is a very important clue in timing the fulfillment of end times Bible prophecy – the “generation” that witnessed the re-creation of Israel in 1948 and the unification of Jerusalem in 1967 is supposed to see all the prophecy in Revelation fulfilled, presumably no later than at the age of 80.)

Israeli President Rivlin also spoke, stating: “For many years now, they have been trying to undermine the foundations of Jerusalem. They have never stopped. Even now at the UNESCO conference they are trying to rewrite history, to say that ‘we have no connection to the city.’

I commented at the warsclerotic blog where I found a post about this:

“It takes huge balls on the propagandists’ part to try to deny the Jewish heritage of Jerusalem and claim that Jews historically have no connection to the city. Maybe if the national-suicide candidates keep winning in Europe they can achieve their Sharia dreams, and a century from now their descendants (sorry, they’re all childless) the immigrants’ descendants can state how the French have no connection to Paris…”

Unfortunately for both Europe and Israel, all sources of prophecy points to horrific warfare coming soon… My most recent book covers Nostradamus’ descriptions of a war between Islamic nations and the West that intensifies in stages over 27 years – probably from 2001-2028.  Read: Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe




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