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Countdown Timer Ending May 15 emailed from Antarctic Base?


Some weeks ago, a new Antarctic conspiracy allegedly reared its ugly head:


as the web site countdown image above looked in April 2017

“…on Monday, email addresses of world scientists and politicians began to receive letters. These letters contained only one word, The End and a link: http://www.livecountdown.com/the-end/

If you follow the link, you can see the countdown timer. It bears the name The End.
According to the timer, on May 15, 2017, the time set for the timer expires.

An investigation conducted by this group of experts showed that the timer was created on a small livecountdown website, where everyone can create their own timer.
Such sites for creating countdown timers are usually used by those who want to remain incognito.

But the most interesting thing in this intriguing story is that all the messages (at least those to which the group was given access) have one sender location … in Antarctica. Or rather, the Amundsen-Scott station on the South Pole.

Having contacted yesterday the National Science Foundation (NSF) in charge of which the Amundsen-Scott station is located, experts asked to find out who at the station is engaged in children’s games and scares their messages of scientists and politicians.

Today they received an answer that dumbfounded them, to say the least.

NSF contacted the head of the station and found out that none of the scientists and maintenance personnel did this. Moreover, the connection to the computer of the head of the station, (from which these messages were sent), came from outside.

On the question of the group’s experts to the NSF: “How is this even possible?”, They received a strange response: “This is impossible.”

The excerpt above is from an article HERE

I have been thinking a lot about Antarctica recently.  Why have there been so many prominent visitors in the last year?  Why are most of us forbidden from even getting near Antarctica by an extended travel ban?  It’s not like its cheap or easy to get there, so governments only arouse our interest by banning entry…

Did we find evidence of a previous advanced civilization?  Is Atlantis buried under the ice?  Would the facts destroy our existing perception of history – maybe even religion?

Would it prove that there are cycles of periodic pole shifts that destroy civilizations?

Would it shed light on the cycle and tell us that the next catastrophe is due soon; and secretly being prepared for now?

Flat Earth believers claim the world is truly a flat disk centered on the North Pole and that Antarctica is spread out around the edge of our planetary disk – with no South Pole, just a wall of ice keeping us inside a divinely created dome/firmament.

Something is being covered up in Antarctica.  Maybe we will see disclosure soon.


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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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