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Twitter Says Telling the Truth About the Refugee Crisis is “Hateful Conduct”

From the full original article at Infowars by Paul Joseph Watson

Twitter Says Telling the Truth About the Refugee Crisis is “Hateful Conduct”

Pointing out objective fact that there are few women & children migrants could be illegal

Why are liberal multiculturalist corporations like Facebook and Twitter helping too?

PJW begins: “According to Twitter, pointing out the objective fact that there are no women or children “refugees” on a migrant boat heading to Italy is “hateful conduct” and could even be illegal in some countries.

I posted the video below on Twitter alongside the sardonic words, “Look at all the women and children arriving in Italy on this “refugee” boat. Warms my heart.”

The video shows African migrants being given their complimentary taxi ride into Europe by the Italian Navy while chanting “Italia!”

None of the “refugees” are women or children. None of them are Syrian.

However, pointing out this manifestly provable fact is a violation of Twitter’s “Hateful conduct policy,” which is defined as “behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another person’s voice,” according to the email I received below.

Apparently, even using sarcasm to make a point doesn’t shield you from the Twitter thought police.

The email also states that the tweet may even “violate German law” because it represents “hate”.

To emphasize – pointing out the objectively observable fact (via sarcasm) that a video clip does not contain images of women or children may now be considered hate speech in Germany.

Politicians in Germany are trying to pass a law that would fine Twitter and Facebook $53 million if they fail to remove “hate speech” within a short period of time.

Apparently, “hate speech” now includes telling the truth, and can more accurately be described as “thought crime” or “wrongthink”.

Although pro-migrant institutions have claimed that the majority of migrants entering Europe are women and children, the deluge of video evidence suggests otherwise.

According to the Institute for the Analysis of Multiethnicity (Ismu), 85% of asylum requests in Italy are from men, with only 4% from minors. Only 2.65% of those immigrating into Italy were awarded asylum status as refugees.

  • How long can Europe import foreigners unlikely to work or assimilate into their society before their liberal multi-culti paradise collapses under the weight of overburdened welfare systems (and a myriad of related problems)?

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