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MACRON LEAKS | How Much Is Real And What We Know So Far

By the time you read this, France will probably have elected a very corrupt new leader.  Even the 16th century French prophet Nostradamus warned us French leadership would suck in the early 21st century, and that it would be negligence and neglect that would eventually allow an Islamic invasion of France.  May 7 will probably be a huge step in that direction…

As the liberal Washington Post downplays it here: “Late Friday night, they appeared: thousands of pages of documents allegedly stolen from Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. The data dump, which first appeared on the website Pastebin, included staffers’ personal and professional emails, along with contracts and campaign finance information for the French presidential candidate.”

Another article at The Guardian notes: “It could be a planted “fake news” story intended to undermine the image of “alternate media” and allow the government to crackdown on freedom of speech dangerous misinformation.” Also “it offers an interesting test – how will the public react to flagrant and undeniable control of the media by the state?”

From the article: MACRON LEAKS | How Much Is Real And What We Know So Far

“Over the last 24 hours there has been quite a frenzy online. An hour before the traditional media black out that happens 48 hours before every election a 9GB data dump was linked on /pol/, one of the messaging boards on 4Chan.org. It contains what appears to be some or all of Emmanuel Macrons campaign database. I think it would be foolish at this early stage to assume everything is authentic but from the research I’ve seen so far it would seem it was real. Although Wikileaks wasn’t officially involved with releasing these leaks they did step in to do a brief analysis and a few hours later confirmed the leak was authentic. A few hours after that Macron came out and confirmed that his party had been hacked.”

There are extreme claims like:

#MacronLeaks Viewers Claim To Find Evidence Macron Is On Gay Mailing List, Aide Buys Hard Drugs With Bitcoin

And there are more believable comments suggesting that Emmanuel Macron has stuffed some hidden overseas bank accounts with cash, what some would call tax evasion.  An expert gives an opinion on whether the leaked documents are real here: Are Emmanuel Macron’s Tax Evasion Documents Real?

“I am an auditor with over 2 decades of experience in one of the Big Three accounting firms. I have extensive experience examining large corporations that have subsidiaries around the world, including in tax havens, such as the Cayman Islands. In the course of my career, I have uncovered cases of embezzlement, fraud, and tax evasion. I have also uncovered falsified documents. I was asked by an investigative reporter to confirm the authenticity of the documents linked to Emmanuel Macron below, and since these documents have been made public I am now releasing my findings. It is broken down by each element and in order from the creation of the parent company to bank account in the tax haven. It concludes with my recommendation that the French government obtain a warrant to conduct further investigations into Emmanuel Macron’s financial activities….”

There are pages of analysis on specific points; see the link above if interested before reading the end of the article, which says that depending on what might be proven soon, perhaps “Emmanuel Macron should be charged with tax evasion and corruption.

In my opinion, there is no reason to assume these documents are fake. If I was hired by the French government to inspect these documents, I would recommend that government investigators obtain a warrant to carry out further investigation into Emmanuel Macrons personal papers and correspondences, both written and digital.”

Even more worrisome to those who care less about personal crimes and more about the French nation:

Macron Leaks contain secret plans for the islamisation of France and Europe

Among other things, it says: “The Macron leaks contain secret proposals that would lead to the islamisation of France and Europe. These are shown in a Powerpoint presentation which appears to have come from the Institut Montaigne. Harmonising education between countries on different sides of the Mediterranean is one of the key objectives.

Create a common history textbook with Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia (3) in order to put in perspective the historical contributions and religious convergences between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

The document also recommends the introduction of Arabic teaching to French schools, including bi-lingual classes…  Other plans for measures to islamise France include facilitating mosque construction by making it easier to arrange finance for it and providing reserved Muslim areas…”

The French media, protecting their chosen candidate, won’t report on any of these leaked topics.  This article at Zerohedge.com explains why

Largest French Newspaper Explains Why It Won’t Cover The Macron Leaks

Following the French election commission’s demands that media not cover the ‘Macron leaks’, and French TV channels choosing not to mention the hack, France’s largest newspaper, Le Monde, has issued a statement explaining why it will not be reporting on any of the leaked documents (or the actual leak itself)… until after the election has confirmed ‘their man’.

As Le Monde attempts to explain…

A few hours before the end of the official campaign, Friday May 5, thousands of internal documents attributed to the Emmanuel Macron’s campaign were published on the Internet. Le Monde was able to review part of these documents, the result of a massive hack of the personal and professional email accounts associated with the [Macron) movement.

Whatever the origins of the hack, the publication of these documents two days before the second round, during the blackout period that forbids candidates and their supporters from expressing themselves, is clearly aimed at disrupting the electoral process.

Le Monde will not publish the contents of any of these documents before the second round.

  • First because the volume of stolen documents – 15GB of files – make their analysis, cross-check, and confirmation that journalistic work requires, impossible to conduct during this time.
  • Also, and especially, because these files were published 48 hours before the vote, with the clear goal of harming the validity of the ballot, at a time when the main interested parties are legally forbidden from responding to any accusations.

If the documents contain revelations, Le Monde, of course, will publish them, after having investigated, in accordance with our journalistic and ethical rules, without being made a tool of anonymous actors’ publishing schedule.

So to translate into non-narrative-spin – the largest French newspaper refuses to mention leaked documents that are now open source, and appear genuine – and have not been denied by the Macron team, because there are lots of them (so pick a few) and it will upset the election (well isn’t that the point?)… BUT they will report on whatever they find after investigating it… which obviously will occur after Macron is confirmed as France’s next President…

One wonders if this embarrassingly pro-establishment behavior by an apparently ‘free press’ will smash France’s rankings in the World Press Freedom Index even further (already below Lithuiania and Slovenia and just above Belize…)”

An article at Business Insider from less than an hour ago fails to give details on the leaks, but loves to blame Russia and Putin and far-right activists in the USA for hacking the election and spreading the information:

“There is a noticeable lack of a persona taking credit for this,” said John Hultquist, a cyber researcher at FireEye, adding that such an absence made attribution more difficult.

The U.S. cyber intelligence firm Flashpoint told Reuters late Friday that an initial review of the Macron leaks indicated that APT 28, a group tied to the GRU, the Russian military intelligence unit, may be behind the leak, though evidence was not yet conclusive. Among other indicators, the firm said metadata contained in one of the leaked files showed it had been modified by someone who works in the technology industry in Moscow.”

So France has something in common with America: the left-wing media won’t tell the truth about their chosen candidate in elections.  France will elect a Rothschild banking protoge determined to ruin their nation for the benefit of the international elite.


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