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France will maintain status quo, fail to elect Le Pen or save their nation

Marine Le Pen managed to come in second in France’s general election, which means that along with the front-runner (Macron) she will advance to the final round in two weeks.  But then she will lose the French runoff election, because Immanuel Macron is a banker, and a Socialist – and although bankers and Socialists will continue to destroy France, most of the French would rather take more of the poison they know than risk being considered racist or Nazi by doing anything to save France from their own multicultural, open-borders negligence.

But Macron isn’t even the poison they know: He has had almost no press coverage compared to the less centrist candidates.  Perhaps because his background is shady.  Real shady.  He seduced his teacher when he was 15 and she was 40, she left her husband for him and they are married now, he is 39, she is 64.  He was also groomed by Rothschild bankers for at least a decade.  As this article from Zerohedge describes:

“Contrary to media myths about a “white knight” who came out of nowhere to save France, this character has had his eye on high political office for at least a decade. Indeed, it appears Macron has been groomed by powerful financiers for a very long time. As the FT also notes:

 The graduate of ENA, the elite school that breeds France’s future leaders, came recommended by powerful alumni of the institution, including François Henrot, a longtime Rothschild partner. But young bankers were not so impressed.

 “He was the guy who would constantly say ‘thank you’,” a former colleague said. “He didn’t know what ebitda [earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation] was. He didn’t try to hide it. And instead of looking it up in a corporate finance book, he asked around, which was disarming.”

Yet it wasn’t just a Rothschild sponsor who took the young Macron under his wing…

 What Mr Macron lacked in technical knowledge and jargon at first, he made up for with contacts in government, says Sophie Javary, head of BNP Paribas’ corporate finance in Europe, who was asked by Mr Henrot to coach Mr Macron in the first year.

 This is straight up bizarre. It appears Macron was so important to banking interests the had to form a consortium of firms to all pitch in to help him out. Yet it gets stranger still.

On the Atos deal, Mr Macron “had a fairly junior role at the time — he would be asked to redo the financial models on Excel, the basics,” recalled an adviser. But a few days after the deal was announced, Mr Macron was made a partner. A few months later, he stunned colleagues and rivals by winning a role in Nestlé’s purchase of Pfizer’s infant food operations.

As someone who spent ten years on Wall Street, I can tell you with certainty that you don’t go from updating excel models at a junior level to partner overnight. Someone extraordinarily powerful was pulling all sorts of strings for this guy. There seems to be little doubt about this.

I’m not saying he’s the Antichrist or that it’s any weird conspiracy beyond the bankers making sure they have their man in power.  When a young candidate coming out of nowhere has Rothschild bankers grooming him, I don’t get a warm, fuzzy feeling.  But most French voters apparently do…

As I found at the warsclerotic blog in a post quoting the Washington Times article HERE:

“The usual beliefs and values of ordinary Frenchmen — the certainty that French culture, the verities of the permanently true, the very ideal of French citizenship — have been called into question. One inquirer into the nooks and shadows of the French election campaign, Charlie Cook of City Journal, writes that ordinary Frenchmen he encountered were reluctant to talk about politics lest they fall into the “many trapdoors of political conversation,” especially voters of the National Front.

That would be the party of Marine Le Pen, who has made talking about the forbidden in polite parlors possible for the brave and daring. She campaigns boldly in defense of borders and national identity, opposes the mass migration that is strangling French identity, and national sovereignty and the transfer the authority of national governments to international bodies.

These are the values and considerations that the elites, in France as in Britain and the United States, don’t want to talk about and don’t want anyone else to talk about. Silence won’t make them go away, but the wealthy and the well-connected can still live lives oblivious to things unpleasant.”

Yes, the wealthy have their banker established in place and he will make sure that Socialism takes from the middle class and redistributes to the poor while the rich elite enjoy the benefits of power and corruption.  Safe in Ivory Towers, they may not even realize what is happening in most neighborhoods in France, until, as King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette found out – it was too late.  I suspect that Marine Le Pen is France’s best hope.  But I don’t think she has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the next round.  R.I.P. France.


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