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Solve Some Middle East Problems Through an Independent Kurdistan

For many decades it has been obvious that IF America were willing to piss off Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey by creating an independent Kurdish nation (the Kurdish people overlap all four countries) – America would gain a thankful, loyal, moderate ally in the Middle East.  Kurdistan would be self-sufficient economically due to oil, and stable (not prone to civil war) due to its homogeneous ethnic makeup.  It’s creation would probably put an end to PKK terrorism in Turkey (the group fights in the name of creating an independent Kurdistan) and would be another Sunni check on the Shiite expansion of Iran.  It could hardly be worse than what Syria and Iraq have to offer the area.

Of perhaps 35 million Kurds that could comprise this newly (re)established nation, no two Kurds would agree on where the borders should be, but the CIA used this map:


and any map of a proposal for Kurdistan shows most Kurds are in SE Turkey:


America has already been militarily occupying Iraq; along with Russia America is starting to occupy parts of Syria, and Iran and Turkey seem pissed off anyway.  Turkey could be compensated with a part of northern Syria plus an end to a Kurdish insurgency; even Iran COULD be compensated with parts of southeastern Iraq that are mostly Shiite.

As one article I found at the counterjihadreport blog suggested here: “it is in America’s best interest to recognize Kurdistan as a sovereign state and to deduce how to proceed thereafter based upon the historic, military, economic, religious and political implications of this overdue stance.  Its immediate impact would be felt in the Pentagon, as it plans how to defeat the Islamic State, but its long-term import can provide a template as to how to remodel the Middle East to maximize the interests of the United States, American allies, and long-suffering Middle Eastern peoples.”  (The quote was originally from this article at American Thinker.)

It would certainly be in the interests of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel to create an independent Kurdistan.  It could be in Syria’s best interests, if dismembering Syria (its borders were somewhat arbitrarily established as Britain and France saw fit less than 100 years ago) could put an end to its horrible civil war.  It could be in Turkey’s best interests, if the land they lose is not more valuable than what they gain.  And even Iran could gain from a land swap that rids them of people who seek independence and gives them an oil rich and Shiite portion of Iraq.

A master of diplomacy could make it happen before the next major war in the Middle East.  Unfortunately, with so many national interests to appease, it may have to wait until after the next big war.  Millions of people, especially the Kurds, would be very happy if such a peaceful solution could come sooner rather than later.


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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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