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Will God allow a Third Jewish Temple to be built?

If my timelines for the fulfillment of end times prophecy are correct (the conclusions in my books could be wrong) then a Jewish temple will be rebuilt soon.


Read Dean Smith’s full original post at the opentheword.org blog here

“Many orthodox Jews and Evangelical Christians are looking forward to the day when Jews build a third temple in Jerusalem, replacing the one destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD during the Bar Kokhba Jewish revolt.

Both groups believe its construction would fulfill Biblical prophecy.

And recent events in Jerusalem added to the excitement. According to Breaking Israel News (BIN), the Jewish Sanhedrin reenacted the Jewish Passover on Thursday, April 5, 2017 near the site of the original Jewish Temple.

This was the fifteenth year that they held the Passover in Jerusalem that included building an altar and the actual sacrifice of a lamb using Jewish Priests.

According to BIN, this year’s Passover was held closer to the Temple’s location than it had been in earlier years.  In order to accommodate a sacrifice this close to the Temple Mount, the Sanhedrin used the courts to get police protection.

Jewish priests performed the sacrifice with instruments, utensils and clothing provided by the Temple Institute an organization dedicated to rebuilding the Jewish Temple.

Attendance at the Passover has grown each year. This year, the group responsible wanted to hold the Passover ceremony at the Davidson Center just across from the Temple Mount. However, fearing Muslim violence, the police refused to issue a permit.

Though they moved the Passover celebration to the Jewish quarter, it was still the closest they have been to celebrating it on Jewish Mount, where it was traditionally held.

Some in Israel’s Liberal media attacked this year’s event as a purposeful intent to provoke the Muslims. However, Rabbi Wenzel stated the Passover is the most important ceremony on the Jewish calendar traditionally held at the Temple and Jews have the right to celebrate it….”

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