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Shocking New Taxes in Philadelphia


Pennsylvania already had the highest state taxes on gasoline, and just added another 8 cents per gallon effective January first.  The state sales tax of 6% isn’t enough to cover what the Democrats in Philly want to spend so they created an extra city sales tax, which was one percent at first, now at 2%, making an 8% total sales tax.  But those taxes pale in comparison to the stupidity and greed of the outrageous new city beverage tax.

As of January 2017, sugary drinks in Philadelphia are now taxed an extra 1.5 cents per ounce.  (At least this is only 3/4 as bad as the even higher 2% originally proposed by the previous mayor and shown in the image above.)  “Supporters of the taxes say the levies encourage people to drink healthier beverages.”  And proceeds go to “help the children.”

That doesn’t sound too bad until you multiply the cost per ounce.  Let’s say your gallon of iced tea had been $1.99 (plus 8% sales tax took you to $2.15)  But now that gallon (128 ounces) has an additional beverage tax (1.5 cents per ounce) of $2.42.  $1.99+$2.42=$4.41 – and since they charge an 8% sales tax on the beverage tax!!! the total is now $4.76, up from $2.15 a week ago, effectively adding over 121% to the cost.

Or in this photographed example:


“Check out this receipt and you realize why the country just elected Donald Trump. Liberal Democrat scumbag mayor Jim Kenney and his entirely Democrat city council thought it was a brilliant idea to ram a beverage tax down the throats of Philadelphians last year. They were doing it for the chilruns. It’s always for the chilrun. The ignorant masses bought the load of bullshit because they don’t understand maff. They understand it now. The tax went into effect on January 1 and the sticker shock is infuriating the ignorant masses.”

“Now ask yourself, who drinks the most sugary drinks? That’s right. Obese uneducated poor people who are likely to be scraping by on food stamps or very low incomes. Kenney and his liberal minions have fucked over their main voters. This tax is going to drive grocery purchases outside the city and hurt small restaurant owners. It isn’t benefiting kids. It’s funding the bloated pensions of teachers and government employees. Overall tax revenue will decline. Democrats are complete idiots when it comes to economics. Taxing their people to death is destroying Philly… Happy New Year from Taxylvania!!!!”

I had heard of Taxachusetts, but Taxylvania – I never heard that until today.  Thanks, Democrats!

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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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