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Graham Hancock on Ancient Extinction Events

Graham Hancock, author of many great books from Message of the Sphinx and Fingerprints of the Gods to the more recent Magicians of the Gods tells us “we are a species with amnesia” and speaks to us about evidence for a very ancient catastrophe that destroyed a great civilization, possibly named Atlantis.

Not that the beginning of the video is bad, but start around 21:35 if you want to get straight to the meat of Hancock’s point – that comet fragment impacts around 12,000 years ago destroyed an advanced civilization, ended the ice age and changed global climate.

I don’t disagree with Hancock on the timing, even Plato wrote of the demise of Atlantis at the same time.

I do disagree with Hancock on the main cause of the earth-shaking event.  I don’t doubt that there were cosmic impacts at the same time but I think the evidence that best explains the end of any “ice age” is a periodic cycle of pole shifts.  Regions have ice ages when they are in the Arctic or Antarctic; and POLE SHIFTS which quickly move the entire surface of the planet over the core in one solid piece cause the end of “ice ages” in formerly polar regions, and start them in regions newly arriving at the poles of rotation.  Evidence shows not a global change in climate (tropical plants and animals thrived in areas near pivot points that saw minimal change in latitude) – but massive regional changes.

The existence of a North American ice sheet makes sense once you know the previous North Pole was centered just west of Hudson Bay.  The evidence that West Antarctica was ice free and had flowing rivers not that many thousands of years ago makes sense if it was much closer to the equator prior to 12,000 years ago.  All the celebrity visits to Antarctica recently, such as Secretary of State John Kerry apparently trying to sneak down there when all eyes were on the election – or Putin’s upcoming visit to Antarctica this January – are rumored to be about seeing the ruins and remains of a previous civilization (Atlantis?) under the ice.


I believe the evidence may point to the next predictable catastrophe in the cycle being due in December 2019.

More from Hancock on ancient catastrophes, civilizations, and ancient MAPS showing previous conditions before recorded history…


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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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