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Kerry Doubles Down Against Israel

Cartoonist Gary Varvel: John Kerry's apology and Middle East pea

You have every right to believe John Kerry and Barack Obama when they talk about Israel and a solution for the Middle East:


Excerpts here are from the full original article from the Times of Israel here: “Many Israelis, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, dismissed US Secretary of State John Kerry’s lengthy speech Wednesday about his vision for Middle East peace as a flawed and failed effort to land a parting shot at Israel.

Critics pointed out that Kerry droned on disproportionally on Israeli settlements while minimizing Palestinians terrorism, incitement and glorification of violence. They wondered why he dedicated his last major speech to an elusive Israeli-Palestinian peace deal while the rest of the Middle East is in utter turmoil, with hundreds of thousands being butchered in Syria.

Critics further noted that Kerry held his speech less than a month before a new administration with a very different worldview is set to be sworn in, and that all his efforts to establish a framework for future negotiations are therefore utterly meaningless.”


Points for John Kerry to consider, if John Kerry wasn’t so stupid:

1 – if it is wrong to liberate one’s homeland for one’s own people, as Israelis did when liberating eastern Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria in 1967 – because another group of people argues they should own the land – then by that logic the American Revolution was wrong; and Kerry’s home state of Massachusetts – and the other east coast states comprising the original 13 colonies – they must need UN resolutions to settle ownership in Britain’s favor.

2 – if it is wrong to keep land won in war – like Israel did in 1967 – then the UN should make an equal effort to make Tibet free and get the Chinese out, after their unprovoked invasion of Tibet in 1959.  Make Russia give back the area around Kaliningrad they conquered from Germany in 1945.  Make America give back Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico – which were conquered from Mexico in 1848.  Heck, just give back all the other states that were conquered from Native American tribes too.

But we know who owns John Kerry’s soul and such logic won’t matter.


He isn’t against Israel based on what is right or wrong.


He isn’t against Israel because it’s the only democracy in the Middle East or because it has been America’s closest ally in the Middle East.  The Arab nations in a perpetual cold war with Israel have lots of oil money and can afford to buy US politicians.  Which is especially easy when the President seems to be a closet Muslim who dislikes Israel, and even dislikes America. Obama and Kerry would rather protect Islamic terrorists than Israelis or Americans.

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The recent policy choices made by the Obama administration are directed against Israel, but they are also directed against the United States.  It emphasizes to the rest of the world that there are times, like now, when American actions mean little because they can be reversed by an election of the other party.  And giving the UN power to decide diplomatic outcomes takes power away from the US.  Obama has always acted as if America had too much power and influence and needed to be brought down a peg while the weaker nations of the world needed to be made more powerful.  Allowing the UN to make decisions while the US abstains from voting shows that Obama feels America’s position is invalid, and that other nations should make decisions.


I don’t see Israelis with big “Death to America” signs.  But Obama and Kerry seem to favor the people that say “Death to America.”  Think about who owns them.



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