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Psychologist/Professor Jordan Peterson on Leftwing Cultural Fascism

I found this post at the foxhole blog HERE

It isn’t just an American disease to have one’s university system infected by a plague of leftwing social justice warriors.

“Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.  He has faced heated protests and censure from the administration simply for saying he won’t address students by gender neutral pronouns like “zhe”.


But Peterson made it clear he’s not putting up with it. He’s taking a stand.

He expects to be hauled before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and says: “If they fine me, I won’t pay it. If they put me in jail, I’ll go on a hunger strike. I’m not doing this. And that’s that. I’m not using the words that other people require me to use. Especially if they’re made up by radical left-wing ideologues.”

Made up is right. The truth is no defense any more.

Social justice warriors construct fictional worlds then try to bring real world consequences upon those who refuse to live within them.

In an interview with Joe Rogan, he covers the creeping institutionalization of anti-Western identity politics and its damaging effects on social and academic structure.  Pathological leftwing nutbags have deemed that the appointed targets, i.e. white, male, middle class citizens are responsible for every injustice on the planet, real or imagined.

The same thing is happening in America. Authoritarian leftwing ideologues have infected the educational system in this country from K-12 to college.

College campuses have turned into a petri dish of bat-shit crazy dysfunction.  Most students  have never been independent or self-reliant.  Their world centers around sophomoric narratives and SJW drivel. The academic environment of the 1960s that was the catalyst of the Free Speech Movement, has  deteriorated to a strictly-censored gulag run by leftwing jackboots.  ‘White privilege‘, ‘microaggression‘,  ‘triggering‘, and ‘safe spaces from scary ideas’ that provide cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets and a video of frolicking puppies, is what constitutes college education for millennials; it’s the infantilization of young adults.  They bloviate and spew like 2 year olds, and apparently need to escape to their nursery when confronted with ideas an opinions that run contrary to their manufactured utopia. These little cupcakes are in for a rude awakening when they graduate and are forced out into the real world, where employers are not going to cater to their puerile insecurities.

You can’t make up this shit:

“White privilege” conference in  Madison, Wisconsin.

University of Minnesota ponders ‘discrimination-based” education plan.

University of Wisconsin plans race-based grading standards.

Ohio University student group demanded a “PC Halloween”.

“Diversity” on campus depends on who you are.

A Sacramento, California high school teacher nixed the works of William Shakespeare because ‘his perspective does not speak well to her ethnically diverse students’.

UC teaching faculty members refuse to criticize race-based affirmative action, or call America a ‘melting pot’.

Facebook added 51 “gender options” to the individual profile settings.

The ‘triggered’ idiots at Indiana University at Bloomington, mistook a Dominican monk for KKK.

An Iraq war vet at Wesleyan University got slammed for daring to criticize the disingenuous motivations of ‘Black Lives Matter’.

A CalPoly SJW went on a crying jag over tuition and that no one acknowledges her ‘queer existence’.

Four College Republicans at UCLA got death threats for pointing out that there are two human biological genders on this planet.

Amherst college (Massachusetts) radicals submitted a list of demands to the college administration, one of which was that any student found displaying a “Free Speech” poster be subjected to disciplinary action, including mandatory “extensive training for racial and cultural competency.  A sense of irony isn’t in their skill set.

The only people excluded from the Left’s ordained protected class are straight people and whites; white southerners and white Christians in particular. There are a few exceptions; the white liberals-turned faux black activists.

Learning, healthy skepticism, courage of conviction and thoughtful analysis of the world have been gutted for a more dumbed-down, spineless, unprincipled,  nihilist approach.  Just the very act of rebelling against the indoctrination of the academic intelligentsia or challenging the agenda and the tactics of students who arrive at the college already radicalized, will get you death threats and social media hate speech.

Professor Peterson is a very brave person. He’s up against a cabal of bilious leftwing idiots who want to inflict an oppressive politically-correct hell on their citizens at the expense of freedom of speech and thought.

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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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