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Daily Prompt: Panoply

via Daily Prompt: Panoply


Panoply refers to a complete collection of things, historically to a suit of armor and weapons.  Democrats used their full panoply of voting fraud tactics in the last election and still lost.  They sowed fear about the Republican candidate while lying about the many crimes committed by the Democratic candidate; they allowed millions of illegal aliens and dead citizens to vote in their favor, and I have first hand testimony from election officials that voting machines in their districts had “software glitches” which allowed votes to be counted twice under certain circumstances – but only if the voter was a Democrat.  Yet despite these fraudulent tactics, half the nation voted against them, fed up with many years of their failed policies and false promises.  Let us hope that this time, our nation will see progress after voting for change.

  • It’s funny how the comments to the Daily Prompt are always closed to me no matter how fast I put a post together.  I saw this one a few minutes after it was opened up, and wrote quickly and had this ready fast (16 minutes after panoply was set up as the daily prompt) but comments were already closed.  Is it just me?

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