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Surviving Economic Collapse: Lessons from Venezuela

Economic collapse ALWAYS occurs eventually when a great empire spends beyond its means, attempts to do too much for too many, and allows part of the population to become dependent.  America is no exception, and financial experts like Peter Schiff, Martin Armstrong, Jim Willie, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, and many others have been warning that the US Government is out of options and that late 2016 to 2017 is a very likely time for global economic collapse.  (This fits my conclusions on end times Bible prophecy wrapping up by the end of 2019, so I pay attention to what the finance guys tell me in person and online…)


Venezuela’s currency fell 15% November 27 alone.  A few months at that inflation rate and a millionaire becomes penniless.

The wealthy want to protect their financial assets.  The politicians want to protect their power.  The average citizen will be lucky to protect his life.  What do you need to make sure you survive the early years after a collapse?

Let’s take a lesson from Venezuela, where people are trying to survive a collapse right now in 2016.


Even the ultra liberal socialist rag newspaper known as the New York Times acknowledges the failures of Venezuela’s socialism leading to mass starvation in articles as recently as two days ago, like: Hungry Venezuelans Flee in Boats to Escape Economic Collapse

Venezuela was once one of Latin America’s richest countries, flush with oil wealth that attracted immigrants from places as varied as Europe and the Middle East. But after President Hugo Chávez vowed to break the country’s economic elite and redistribute wealth to the poor, the rich and middle class fled to more welcoming countries in droves, creating what demographers describe as Venezuela’s first diaspora. Now a second diaspora is underway — much less wealthy and not nearly as welcome. Well over 150,000 Venezuelans have fled the country in the last year…”

The NYT article gives an account from one starving refugee: “Roymar Bello screamed. She was one of 17 passengers who had climbed onto the overloaded fishing boat with aging motors in July, hoping to escape Venezuela’s economic disaster for a new life on the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

Afraid of the authorities, the smuggler refused to land. Ms. Bello said he gruffly ordered her and the others into the water, pointing toward the distant shore. In the panic, she was tossed overboard, tumbling into the predawn blackness.

But Ms. Bello could not swim.

As she began to sink under the waves, a fellow migrant grabbed her by the hair and towed her toward the island. They washed up on a rocky cliff battered by waves. Bruised and bleeding, they climbed, praying for a lifeline: jobs, money, something to eat. “It was worth the risk,” said Ms. Bello, 30, adding that Venezuelans like her “are going after one thing: food.”

Think Venezuela Won’t Happen In America? Guess Again! Food Shortages, Mass Death, Coming To A City Near You!

By Lisa Haven

“America is not immune to the chaos happening in socialist Venezuela right now where food shortages, looting, riots, rampant violent crimes, failing hospitals and more have struck the country.

Like us, many Venezuelans went about their daily lives never imagining there would be a six hour wait for a few pints of milk and that they would be so hungry that they would devour dogs and cats as food. The country was hit hard, and without any notice from the corrupt government, an economic collapse took the country by surprise.

Unfortunately, this is where socialism leads you every time. When powerful governments elevate themselves far above all other institution this is the result.

As Americans we need to pay very close attention to what’s playing out abroad, because it’s not a matter of if it will happen but when….”

Supplyfrom thetacticalhermit blog:

Prepping: Creating a Collapse Supply List

“Sometimes a cautionary tale is more motivating than any amount of positive reinforcement every could be, and the horrifying reports from Venezuela are a perfect example. If you’re paying attention to the things they’ve run out of, you can put together a collapse supply list to see you through the crisis in the event of a breakdown in our own country. The time to prepare is now, well before the situation devolves to one that is similar.

Every day, there is more dire news out of Venezuela.  It’s so bad there that even the mainstream news can no longer ignore that the country is in the midst of an economic collapse. Thousands have turned to looting in order to feed their families. Even their soldiers have been stealing food. Long lines, empty stores, and hospitals without electricity are the norm instead of an unusual occurrence.

It wasn’t always like that. Life before Venezuela devolved into socialism looked a whole lot like our lives do today. In fact, as recently as the 1970s, Venezuela was one of the top 20 richest countries in the world.”

Pay Attention to What They’re Out of in Venezuela

The best way to make your supply list is to figure out what they’ve run out of in Venezuela.  Below, you can find a list of the things they do not have, along with suggestions for stocking up or educating yourself.

If we never have a problem in the United States, you can rest assured that none of these supplies are crazy things you’ll never use. Most are the most basic of necessities and you’ll find it’s very convenient to be able to “shop in your pantry” whenever you need something. As well, learning to be more self-reliant is a great way to save money, live simpler, and often be healthier than those who depend on the store to meet all their needs.”

at theorganicprepper we are told more:

“The first thing we saw as Venezuela began going down was that the government cracked down on the ability to stock up on food.  They instituted a fingerprint registry for buying food, made prepping illegal, and began to dole out supplies. The government took over most of the stores, then forced farmers to hand over the majority of their crops at the price the government chose to pay. These crops were then marked up extravagantly and sold to people who suddenly found they could no longer afford to eat. Eventually, the government announced that the country was out of food and that if people wanted to eat, they’d better grow their own.”

Also “Gardening Supplies: Once everyone wants them, the price will skyrocket. Stock up now on seeds, tools, compost bins, soil amendments, and testing kits.”

Hygiene Items: “Soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, diapers, feminine hygiene supplies…”

Hospitals in Venezuela are “out of antibiotics, cancer medicine, and equipment. They can’t do dialysis or other life-saving treatments. They have no running water so they’re doing operations on a table still covered with blood from the last patient. The rolling blackouts mean that every single days, babies and other patients dependent on respirators are dying. Doctors are making lists of supplies for the families of patients to go out and attempt to procure from the black market.  It is essential that you keep some supplies on hand and that you begin learning all you can about survival medicine.”

Read even more at the links above, or do your own research.  Economic and geopolitical indications show that 2017 will be probably not be a normal, stable year – but one in which you better be prepared for the worst.  Pay attention to Venezuela – they are just a pocket of instability in a world that has not yet gone over the edge.  What happens to Americans and Europeans when the global financial system run through New York and London finally collapses and there is no “rest of the world” to offer help?


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