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Daily Prompt: Liminal

via Daily Prompt: Liminal

I must be watching too many Star Trek episodes, because when I first saw the word “liminal” I mistakenly thought that “liminal” referred to light, as in sub-liminal or slower than light speed space travel.  But it has nothing to do with light speed except as a theoretical threshold, and the word “liminal” means to be at a threshold, at the transitional boundary between two states.

Far more interesting than the science fiction idea of approaching and surpassing the boundary of light speed – I would like to focus on the boundary between our perception of mundane everyday events in our physical surroundings, and our glimmers of perception into the realm of spiritual truth.


I am starting to believe that our physical brain is not the seat of our consciousness but a filter and a gatekeeper that redirects our perception


to focus on the worldly lessons we were put here to experience and learn from – and to divert us away from spiritual realizations of a much greater reality that exists beyond our physical world – a spiritual realm that is the source of our greater consciousness and that we are tenuously, sub-liminal-ly connected to even now.

I believe that millions of people are spiritually “liminal” right now – approaching the threshold of understanding our true reasons for being.  I am still researching the topics of consciousness and spirituality as I work on my next book, tentatively titled: “Transformational Awakening”

“Many people identify themselves as ‘Spiritual but not religious.’  There is a desire to understand the nature of God and the universe and the meaning of life without accepting the rules and traditions and obvious flaws inherent in the human institutions of organized religions.  Billions of people have been tricked and guilted and terrorized into supporting ‘religious’ human power structures when they would have been better off investigating and searching for truth on their own.  But for thousands of years, it was not possible for most people to access the knowledge and wisdom so easily found in books and on the internet today.  Serfs, peasants, slaves – even kings and emperors simply didn’t have the freedom to travel the world or the instantaneous access to all of humanity’s thoughts and ideas accumulated online.  There is work involved, separating the good from the bad.  But do not allow the fact that the journey will not be finished quickly prevent you from taking the first steps.  Take advantage of the opportunity so few humans have ever had access to – and search for what is true.” – David Montaigne

If you appreciate those thoughts, please consider following my blog and keeping an eye out in 2017 for Transformational Awakening…


About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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