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Why Trump Won: A Democrat’s Thoughts

It’s not because Republicans are all “F!X?Q#Z*s”

From TheSelfAwarePatterns blog article: Why Trump won, and a calmer assessment of the situation

“The filmmaker Michael Moore, who had predicted a Trump win several months ago, went on Morning Joe on Friday and discussed why Trump won.  It was painful to watch, but the main point that struck home was when Moore pointed out that many Trump voters were previously Obama voters.  What this tells me is that we on the left need to stop calling all of Trump’s voters racists or otherwise attempting to shame them.  Some definitely are racists and bigots, but many aren’t.

So why did many who don’t share Trump’s values vote for him?  Because they perceived that their economic situation was getting worse.  This is borne out by the exit poll data, which show that, of the 27% of the country who feel they are financially worse off than they were four year ago, 78% voted for Trump.

As I said a few posts back, universal democratic suffrage works because people know when their own situation is getting better or worse.  When your situation is getting worse, you often vote for change any way you can get it, all other details be damned.”

  • I still say Trump was elected because he is ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT and says he will “drain the swamp” of corrupt politicians.  He has many personal faults, but added up they are far more tolerable than Hillary’s corrupt behavior.  I sincerely hope all corrupt and criminal politicians are drained out of Washington soon.  To dream, the impossible dream…

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