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The Media Lied and Lied to Warp Perception – And the Media Should be Held Accountable

Right up to the end, the big news networks and the “professional” polling companies and social media web sites lied to us.  They wanted to keep their money flowing, they wanted “business as usual” for four more years even if America would be sold out.  The major media companies have been mouthpieces for Hillary, virtual extensions of the Democratic party.  They wanted to suppress the truth about corruption and criminal behavior rampant in the DNC, the State Department, and the Clinton Foundation.  We the people were told Trump never had a chance, that Hillary was always way ahead in the polls, that the odds of Trump winning were almost zero…  But with BOTH political parties against him, Donald Trump won a clear majority of the popular vote and the Electoral College.

Is it because he seems so level headed and cautious about bombing other countries?  Is it because of his unwavering respect for women?  Is it because of rock solid ethics and nice guy business tactics?  Maybe because as a New York rich guy, the common people of the South and Midwest clearly identified with Trump as a common man?

None of the above.  Trump won because he says he will “drain the swamp” and fight the rampant corruption in the political establishment, with Hillary Clinton as the poster child of corruption.

The American people are sick of political business as usual and the “pay to play” tactics of Hillary and of so many other politicians.

We should be equally sick of being lied to by the media.


There is no way public opinion turned sharply on election day.  There is no way they didn’t know they were lying to us every day with propaganda about a commanding Democratic lead in the polls.  The truth is that the major news networks and polling companies have been feeding us lies and propaganda all year, trying to herd the American sheeple into giving up on change and accepting more of the same corruption and fraud and business as usual.  If you believed Hillary would crush Trump at the polls, because you saw that message every day on television and in other news, why waste your precious time and money to support Trump?

Trump’s election shows that the American people are sick of the lying and cheating in Washington, and they want a champion against criminal career politicians.  We should not forget the role the media played in trying to deny the truth and attempting to deceive America into accepting someone the majority of the people don’t trust.  The credibility of the mainstream news media should be dead; they have shown they are more than willing to deceive us for their own interests and as biased to the socialist side as Pravda ever was in the Soviet Union.

About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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