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Obama May Suspend Elections if Hillary Too Sick

I suspect Obama ALWAYS had planned to suspend the 2016 elections and stay in power; but Hillary’s illness may provide the excuse (if WWIII and/or economic collapse fail to provide justification) for martial law and King Obama…

As Marc Slavo wrote for SHTFplan.com and Zerohedge.com in this article:

The events are all lined up, and the system is geared for chaos. At any moment, a despotic leader could take control.

But how could it ever happen in America?

With economic collapse again on the horizon, and a basket of issues coming to a head, several factions of the population are tipping towards revolution. Much of it has played out in the election cycle; the establishment has lost all credibility, and the people are seeking anti-establishment voices. Alternate means of maintaining control are implemented.

Homeland Security is taking control of the election process, making a  fair election completely impossible. Optics and careful PR is used to script the election, and maintain a favorable narrative – and one that is explosive enough to produce radical and unexpected results that might drive anger over the edge.

Millions of people have been driven by the media to violently oppose Trump, and may well start riots across the country if he wins the election, that is, if Obama doesn’t stop the elections first. Likewise, if Hillary is elected and take office, it could spawn a civil war, of words… or worse.

Any number of pretexts could theoretically come into play, but no scenario has become more likely than Hillary dropping from the race and stirring, well, a shitstorm like politics has never before seen.

If Hillary is too sick, President Obama could opt to suspend the election, and it could make any number of groups unleash, giving way to civil unrest.

The police state is ready to contain economic/food riots, and are also poised to use martial law to maintain order, using an iron fist.

Chaos and order will repeat in cycle, and everything will become unstable, decline and render the population depraved and vulnerable.

Radio host and political expert Michael Savage appeared on the Alex Jones Show and warned that the new Hillary card could be the unexpected reason for one of the most dangerous scenarios on the books.

If these events came to pass, would the Constitution and rule of law ever be restored?

As I wrote the end of Antichrist 2016-2019:

“I realize there are a few major developments that would have to take place in the Middle East, and in America, for my scenario to play out as described.  If I am wrong, America will continue on about the same as it is today, and President Obama will leave office uneventfully in January 2017.  But as he said at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in May 2014: “Everywhere I look there are reminders that I only hold this job temporarily. [Laughter] But, it is a long time between now and 2016. And anything can happen.”
















David Montaigne loves to study history and prophecy, especially when his research leads him to clues that can help solve great mysteries.  Years ago you may have passed him  near the archives in Washington D.C., London, or the Vatican – or shared a bus ride to a pyramid or temple in places like Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Mexico or Guatemala… but  it is now more likely he is searching for answers online – at home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – where he celebrates every possible moment with his three inquisitive children, who remind him that we should never stop asking questions.






Nostradamus, World War III, 2002 – reviews Nostradamus’ prophecies about a long, worldwide conflict between Islamic and Christian nations, which Montaigne concluded would begin no later than early 2002.


End Times and 2019 – compares Bible prophecies about the end of the present world with myths, monuments, and scientific facts to conclude that the Bible and other sources repeatedly point to an end in December 2019.


Antichrist 2016-2019 – establishes the location of “Mystery Babylon,” the  “King of Babylon,” and  the evidence that he will be revealed to the world as the Antichrist at the mid-point of the world’s final seven years in June 2016.



About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


One thought on “Obama May Suspend Elections if Hillary Too Sick

  1. A page to visit for a detailed brief on the unfolding biblical prophecies. Good work!.

    Posted by Pastor Olusegun Erinle | October 12, 2016, 4:46 pm

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