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Bible Code Suggests August 19, 2016 for Jerusalem Temple

I’m biased to take notice of prophetic events unfolding in 2016 due to the books I’ve written, but you be the judge: from the full original article here: “In Glazerson’s words, “We don’t know exactly what it refers to,” but he implies that God will notify us that something important regarding the Temple will happen on the 15th of Av [August 19 of this year].”

“International Bible code expert Rabbi (Rav) Matityahu Glazerson has announced that based on rabbinic sources and Bible codes, the Temple will come down to Jerusalem in 5776, which is this year — if all conditions are right.

Bible code watchmen use computer programs to find words in the appearance of Bible text that otherwise are not seen on a printed page.  More specifically, these words point to prophecies.  In his program, the Rav found repeated cases of the words in Hebrew for “Jerusalem” and “Messiah” or “Meshioch,” and what he interprets to mean “will come down,” and “God will inform on the 15th of Av.”

“Glazerson also points to a Bible code of the current Hebrew year, 5776, which ends on Sunday, October 2nd.  Attached to this date, he finds the code for “it will be shining,” which he identifies as the Shechinah or God’s presence and Holy Spirit.  Throughout rabbinic literature, the Shechinah is identified with the Temple and is said to dwell in it.

He also points to a code for the words mihahar (from the mountain), which he identifies as Mount Moriah, the site of King Solomon’s Temple.

Glazerson is careful to point out that this coming down of a new Temple is conditional…”

In my opinion, meaningful/true prophecy is not conditional… but I’m not always right… I thought June 6 would have given us CLEAR and OBVIOUS prophetic fulfillment… and I still believe world-changing events are very likely in 2016.


About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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