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Brexit Lego Map

Britain recently had a referendum on membership in the European Union and British voters chose to leave the EU.  British Exit = Brexit = Red = Leave, Blue = Remain In


Notice how this breaks down by ethnicity and region: Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland seem to be less interested in English superiority, and seem to feel more European.  Londoners, I presume, are influenced by the financial gains of commerce with Europe.  But most of England, the common working class English, seem to feel they are better off on their own, independent of solid ties to a Europe ruled from Brussels.  Or perhaps I am reading to much into a map made of Lego pieces.

But if I’m right, a similar map of the United States could show interest for United Nations control from the prosperous and liberal edges of America with more recent waves of immigration, while the central majority better representing what America stood for two or three generations ago would probably favor American independence and be against international/foreign rule.

There is already talk of a Frexit referendum for France, (and Italy and Denmark and other European countries) and a Texit referendum in Texas…

As Bob Moriarty recently wrote in an article on his site: 321gold.com

“the problem in both the EU and the US is governments growing out of control in a way similar to any other cancer… The majority of UK voters who put an X in the box for leave voted to kill big government, the complete lack of accountability, rules being dictated by lobbyists and to return to the concept of government at the smallest unit possible. The EU is out of control; it’s bloated and the ultimate in government by committee. It can’t possibly work and the sooner someone shoots it and kills it dead, the sooner Europe and the rest of the world can recover.

Lest the reader conclude the out of control government of the US is somehow better than the EU, let me remind you, it was the US that created the unipolar world after 1991. When Nato should have been buried and a peace dividend declared, instead the behind the scenes rulers over in the US pushed the US into one incredibly stupid war after another.”


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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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