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I was recently interviewed by a TV show about my prophecy books…

…And there’s a good chance I’ll be interviewed again on camera for a TV show on end of the world prophecies that would air in a few months.  The PROBLEM is, as most of my readers already know, my Antichrist 2016-2019 book is focused on June 6, 2016 as “The Day of the Antichrist” as so much evidence points to that date as the mid point of the final seven years, when the Antichrist suddenly takes center stage and reveals his true identity to the entire world.  I promote a (theoretical) timeline in which an amazing number of clues fit together with both Daniel’s 1260, 1290, and 1335 day periods – and astronomical alignments that fit descriptions of end times visions by Isaiah, John, and other prophets.

BUT – despite the impressive pile of clues that fit together like puzzle pieces in one grand design – I know that it is still quite possible that nothing will happen on June 6; that the date will pass uneventfully, and I will look back and realize that despite an AMAZING pile coincidences pointing to June 6 – it didn’t play out as I thought it would.  As an author of end times prophecy books, I would look less like Isaac Newton and more like Chicken Little if June 6 goes by uneventfully.

And if I am interviewed on camera soon for a TV show that would air in a few months, I am guaranteed to come across more like Chicken Little – because if the Antichrist is fully revealed to the world on June 6, the show will never be allowed to air.  I feel like I might as well start the interview saying: “If you’re watching this, I must have been wrong about June 6, 2016.”

Yet I’m inclined to do the interview anyway.  Not for fifteen minutes of fame looking foolish.  Not just to try to plug any other books I’ve written.  But to encourage other people to consider the evidence and attempt to decipher the clues, even if I failed to meaningfully do so.  If I soon prove to be wrong about my proposed timeline, I’ll be compared to Harold Camping and other failed “false prophets” of doom.  But Camping, and many others in my opinion, based their dates on – absolutely nothing.  I will still be able to sleep like a baby knowing I had a huge alignment of clues pointing to not just one date but a series of dates in a consistent timeline that makes sense when compared to the whole of Bible prophecy.  I risked looking foolish by shouting: “Here is the evidence supporting my interpretation.  There is so much pointing to these dates that I think it could really be the right timeline of events.”

Cicero Foolish

And I encourage others to continue to study these things even if I am wrong, and to risk looking foolish as well.  I believe this is worthy of serious study and that it CAN be known, even if I prove to be wrong.



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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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