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German Govt Forced Cover-Up of Cologne Sex Crimes

By Counter Jihad, April 7, 2016:

“Immediately after hundreds of women were raped by Muslim migrants during Cologne’s new year’s celebrations, the German government went into overdrive to cast doubt on the claims that Muslims were at fault.  A new leaked police memo reveals that not only was there no doubt in the initial reports, Germany’s Interior Ministry forced a police cover-up.

Describing the offences, [the memo] said… “The criminal group was consistently described by the victims as North Africans, between 17-28 years of age. Investigations are continuing”….

More damning than the revelation that police knew about the attacks and kept them from the public was the explicit order to play down the seriousness of crimes by the Interior ministry. An “internal police memo” which detailed “a request from the ministry” instructed police that they were to “cancel” the use of the word “rape” in their reports.

The Interior Minister, Ralf Jäger, fired the police chief when reports revealed police were too overstretched to respond effectively to the massive number of sexual assaults by Muslim migrants.

Yet the real problem is not one police chief, but the mass immigration itself.  According to a study by the German police, the increase in sexual assaults is expected to be less than one percent of the increased criminality brought by these migrants.  The previous year, that police agency had responded 93,000 times to assaults sparked by Muslim migrants.  Most of those were not sexual assaults, but violent clashes brought on by the imported ethnic and sectarian hatreds the migrants brought with them.  In addition, the report noted, Islamist recruiting was flourishing in migrant camps.

Minister Jäger has come across this page before, ironically for making a similar claim to the one that caused him to fire his police chief.  Referring to a new Islamic gang styling itself as a “fight club” and clashing with the Hells Angels, the minister claimed that there was simply no police solution to the problem.  The rate of expansion of the gang is so rapid, he said, that as he takes away the colors from one member, two other put on new colors.

Germany’s refusal to take these threats seriously is provoking a major right-wing political shift in the country.  Revelations that their own government prevented German women from filing police reports about their rapes ought to be maddening.  Their government has already admitted that it is permitting Muslim immigration at a rate far greater than their police are able to address.  Now we learn that the government has decided that the right way to repair that fault is to lie to the public.  Hiding the truth will not change it.  It will only worsen the consequences when they come.”

      *We have to wonder if the German government is willfully instigating an eventual vigilante backlash against their national suicide immigration policies.

Source: German Govt Forced Cover-Up of Cologne Sex Crimes


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