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Are These The Two Witnesses of Revelation?

Although I suspect that in one form or another we might expect the return of Elijah and Moses as the Two Witnesses of Revelation this Passover (April 22-29) with the beginning of their ministry starting on April 29 to align perfectly with my own timeline and the Book of Daniel – it really gets my attention when the Temple of Ba’al is about to be recreated in major cities all over the world (just in time to summon the Antichrist?) and is coming first to New York and London in LATE APRIL for World Heritage Week.

Two monuments of Satanic worship being raised at just the right time (in my end times prophecy timeline) in the world’s richest cities COULD be a meaningful representation of TWO WITNESSES.

Even the rumor-busting Snopes.com admits in http://www.snopes.com/temple-of-baal-in-new-york-city/

“TRUE: Replicas of the arch from Syria’s Temple of Baal will be erected in London and New York City for World Heritage Week in April 2016.”

Baal Temple Arch

As this article by Michael Snyder warns:

“The reproductions of the 50-foot arch that stood at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria, that will be erected in New York City and London next month will only be the first of many. As you will see below, it turns out that there are plans to put arches in hundreds more cities all over the globe. The organization behind this is the Institute of Digital Archaeology, which is a joint venture between Harvard University, the University of Oxford and Dubai’s Museum of the Future. The initial arches from the Temple of Baal that will be erected in New York and London as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Week in April are intended “as a gesture of defiance”, but ultimately the plan is to share this “cultural treasure” with as many cities around the planet as possible.

(Editor’s note: “defiance” against who?  Against God?)

If you go to Times Square in New York or Trafalgar Square in London late next month, you will not be able to miss these giant arches. According to the New York Post, they will be 48 feet high and 23 feet wide …

The life-size model of the original 2,000-year-old structure, known as the Arch of the Temple of Bel, will stand approximately 48 feet high and 23 feet wide.

It will be one of two constructed in China for exhibition likely in Times Square and London’s Trafalgar Square as part of a World Heritage Week event in April 2016, said Roger Michel, executive director for the Institute for Digital Archaeology.

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One thought on “Are These The Two Witnesses of Revelation?

  1. Hi David sir hope you fine. Ya these two may be the signs.
    But what really will be something out of this world which we call supernatural when ANTICHRIST is revealed, which I can’t wait.
    David sir I have sent you a link on Twitter regarding some revelations from Indian , do check

    Posted by EVERYTHING that's ANYTHING | April 5, 2016, 5:49 am

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