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Israel is Registering Jewish Priests for the Temple

As this article explains, every week Jews read a portion of the Torah in their synagogue services which applies to the appropriate time of the year:

“This week we read the Torah portion of Shemini, which opens with the dedication of the desert tabernacle and the magnificent and indescribably joyful experience of the dwelling of the Shechina, the Divine Presence, in this world. As Bob Dylan said, “You can be in my dreams, if you’ll let me be in yours”.

As Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Richman explain so beautifully in this week’s edition of Temple Talk, G-d’s dream for mankind comes true when we welcome the Divine Presence into our world, and He gives us the chance to be in His dream. This week’s Temple Talk program focuses on the true meaning and significance of the dedication of the Tabernacle for us today.

Plus: In honor of this week’s special Torah reading of parashat Parah, unveiling the Temple Institute’s new plans for a registry of Biblically-pure kohanim, as the Institute’s program for the restoration of purity enters into an exciting new phase. Don’t miss this exciting program.”

Temple Priests

I have been expecting a new Temple in Jerusalem no later than June, so I find it interesting when the Temple Institute starts registering or recruiting Temple priests.


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