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Top Ten Things Men Should NOT Do For Valentine’s Day

From Mike Petrovich’s blog: http://mikepetrovich.blog.com/2016/02/12/top-ten-things-men-should-not-do-for-valentine%E2%80%99s-day/

valentines day


10 – Don’t forget the holiday altogether – or you show you don’t care about her at all.

9 – Don’t insult the holiday.  You might see it has too much pressure or too commercialized or too expensive.  You might hate Valentine’s Day.  Don’t tell her, because she might not see it as a special opportunity to show love for someone you care about.  Don’t you care enough to get this right?

8 – Don’t do the same thing you did last year.  If you want to prove it isn’t special to you, make it routine.

7 – Don’t buy her a practical gift.  Blenders and vacuums tell her you expect her to cook and clean.  They don’t lead to romance, or love, or sex.  Don’t be a moron and get her such a gift.

6 – Don’t do guy stuff.  You are not watching sports or playing video games on Valentine’s Day if you want your woman to be happy.

5 – Don’t talk about other women.  No comments on other women.  No discussion of ex-girlfriends.  You need to focus on her.

4 – Don’t buy her cheap chocolate.  Does it come in a fancy package from France or Switzerland or Belgium?  Or does it come from the Dollar Store and taste waxy like last year’s Easter bunny?  She has eyes and a tongue, and neither will be all over you if you disappoint enough on the chocolate.

3 – Don’t buy her cheap flowers either – and for God’s sake no cheap jewelry.  You got a great bargain, huh?  Yeah she can tell.  She’s not impressed with your frugality.

2 – Don’t buy lingerie.  Any lingerie.  If it’s cheap, she knows.  If it’s slutty, she thinks all you want is sex.  If it’s too small, its your way of telling her she should lose weight to fit into it and be thin enough to arouse you.  If it’s too big, you think she’s fat.  Treat lingerie like nitroglycerin – too dangerous to trust you to handle it.

1 – Don’t be a slob.  Did you seriously think this was a day to skip dressing nicely, or shaving, or showering?  Only if you want to show her she isn’t worth five minutes of extra effort to you.

Now get out there and do it right!!!

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