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Iran is Training Obama like a Dog

“Obama and his team are celebrating as if they were FBI agents who successfully conducted a cash for hostages exchange while the criminals went free.

The “diplomacy” that they’re celebrating is one in which Iran gets what it wants and occasionally frees hostages. But since Iran can take more hostages at any time, and since it now has more motivation than ever to do so, there’s nothing to celebrate.

With animals, there’s sometimes a question of who is training whom. Is the owner training the dog to do tricks in exchange for treats. Or is the dog training the owner to give treats in exchange for not making a mess on the floor.

Obama as Trained Dog

This is the essential question in power relationships.

What Obama has going on with Iran isn’t mutual. It’s a relationship in which Iran’s “moderates” show that Western governments can be trained to give them what they want or they’ll make a mess on the floor by taking hostages or blatantly violating nuclear protocols.”

Read more at the full original article by Daniel Greenfield:

Iran is Training Obama like a Dog

  • The question must be asked – could Iran get any more out of a president that it had raised from youth to be a Manchurian Candidate who served not the interests of the nation that elected him, but the interests of the nation that controlled his life?
  • And if the answer is NO!  If the answer is that Obama already gives Iran everything he possibly could, then who does Obama really serve?  America?  Iran?  Allah?  Satan?

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