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Integration of Muslim Migrants Isn’t Working Out in Germany

From the full original article by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars.com: “A video shot in a German school shows “integrated” Muslim migrants speaking about how they find Germans “disgusting” and that the country would be better off if they all disappeared.”

The clip shows a woman speaking to migrant teenagers in a high school. She asks them if they know what the word “integration” means, to which one girl responds, “It means to exclude others.”

“No, that’s precisely what it’s not,” responds the woman.

When asked if they have any German friends, the group of teens laugh before one responds, “Me? Not a single one.”

“Me neither, not a single one,” responds another girl.

When asked why they don’t have any German friends, one teen states, “Because they don’t belong to us, I cannot be like them.”

…one girl asserts, “If you hang out with Germans, they do different things than you, for example eating pork. I’m disgusted by them to be honest.”

She continues: “Look, if all migrants would stay in Germany and if all the Germans would disappear for just a single day, nobody would notice.”

…Germany is importing waves of people – over a million in 2015 alone – who even after supposedly “integrating” into society still harbor deep resentment for the host population.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is currently in the midst of a political crisis after over a thousand Muslim migrants in Cologne and other German cities sexually molested and robbed hundreds of German women on New Years Eve.


(Sweden too, and many other countries…)

Cologne police initially tried to cover-up the scandal by asserting that the night passed without incident. It also took days of social media outrage to even get major German news outlets to report on the story.”

— Why are European governments committing national suicide and even trying to hide the problems?  The stupidity of bringing in millions of such migrants is obvious to all, yet it keeps happening – so, who benefits?  There MUST be a reason the ELITE are demanding such events, but as a precursor to what?  One main guess is, when financial collapse happens, the violence we have already seen from migrants in Europe will look like they were playing pattycakes compared to what they’ll do when truly desperate.  Terrorism will vastly increase, a larger war will develop, and martial law and dictatorship under a New World Order will be the end game.

And it might be under this guy: Antichrist 2016-2019


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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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