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Another View on The Two Witnesses of Revelation

As you may already know, I suspect that The Two Witnesses of Revelation are probably Elijah and Moses, and some evidence suggests they could arrive at this coming Passover in April 2016.

Here is a different point of view, written by Dean Smith:

“One of the more curious questions about the end-times revolves around the two witnesses mentioned by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation.

In his vision of the end times, he saw two prophetic witnesses who for a period of time, God will grant special authority (Revelation 11:1-14). They will manifest great power and miracles.

It says an enemy will rise up and kill them and they will lie dead in the streets. People will be so over joyed by their deaths, that some will treat the event as Christmas and send gifts to each other.

The question that has puzzled end-time scholars is who are these two witnesses?

Some have wondered if they are Moses and Elijah as both appeared with Jesus at the transfiguration (Matthew 17:3-4). Some Jews even believed there are Old Testament passages that speak of these two prophets possibly returning —  a prophet like Moses will come (Deuteronomy 18: 15, 18) and Malachi speaks of the spirit of Elijah returning (Malachi 4:5).

Others have speculated they might be Enoch and Elijah as neither experienced physical death (Genesis 5:23; 2 Kings 2:11).

Whoever they are, most believe they are two uniquely called prophets anointed to be a voice for God in the end times. I remember years ago being involved in the Jesus people movement. It was a powerful time in God. Hippies caught up in drugs were radically saved and transformed.

But during that period there was strong emphasis on the Second coming of Christ. And I remember hearing of people who thought they were one of the two end-time prophets or witnesses — maybe it was the drugs, but it certainly wasn’t God. Some even moved to Israel to fulfill their calling.

11th century witnesses

But as I was looking at this passage a few weeks back another thought came to me about who these two witnesses might be…”

Read more at Smith’s full original article:

Who are the two end-times witnesses in the Book of Revelation?

or read my own take on this subject here


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