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Questions to Ask Before Accepting People into Your Survival Group

“You, your family and closest friends are locked and loaded in your bunker/suburban home with all of your prepping supplies, plenty of potable water, medicines, food to last 12 months and what you hope is enough firepower to keep any two-legged predators at bay. At least long enough so that they can die on someone else’s doorstep.

But inevitably, your group will need to grow. It could be that you need additional people to help with the daily tasks of maintaining a large enough garden, one that produces enough food for you and your family to eat on as well as extra to store away for the winter. You might need someone with skills at repairing machinery, or tending to your livestock that you started to raise right before it all went south. You might need people who can expand your solar panel powered electric system and make sense of all those volts, amps and watts you never had time to learn. You could need extra people for defense because you and your friends simply can’t guard the perimeter that you have identified 24 hours a day, get dozens of gallons of water from the creek and work a full day on food production to help keep things running.

Your survival group must grow to survive

I know what some of you are thinking. You should have all of these skills taken care of and identified well in advance of this hypothetical TEOTWAWKI I am talking about and in a perfect world I would agree. You would also be located 50 miles from the nearest person hidden by some magical Disney waterfall that nobody ever finds. However, reality is a different kind of movie. Even if I stopped working my day job and the extra jobs (including this blog) and devoted myself completely to learning everything I could, I would still only be one person. Well, you should be finding like-minded people now who could join your survival group and start training you say.

Yes, I know. As much as I’d like, I haven’t found that to be the case in my life and I would bet you a frosty beer that most of you are in the same boat. Yes, we each may have made tremendous strides at becoming prepared, but you simply can’t do it all by yourself.

Assuming you are not like me (or the rest of us) and you already have a group of 12 tactically trained people, a pristine bug out location and specialists in every skill like the characters in Patriots, even you and your extremely squared away group will eventually need to add new people to the team. People get hurt and die. People grow old and unless you plan on walking the woods your entire life, sticking to the shadows and remaining Ninja invisible you need to consider what questions you might be forced to ask people before you accept them into your survival group.”

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