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Neil Armstrong refused to swear on Bible about actual moon landing before death

This “video, filmed in 2010 before former NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong’s death, shows Armstrong being confronted by a man named Bart Sibrel claiming to be from “ABC Digital” about his alleged walk on the moon July 20, 1969.

After Sibrel shakes Armstrong’s hand he says, “I want to give you the opportunity to swear on the Bible that you walked on the moon,” as Armstrong looked on searching for something to say.

“Will you put your left hand on the Bible and swear to God that you walked on the moon?”

Armstrong then tried to step away to dodge swearing on the Bible.

“So why don’t you just put an end to the argument, put your hand on the Bible, and swear to God that you walked on the moon?”

Armstrong then replied, “Mr. Sibrel, knowing you that’s probably a fake Bible,” again trying to dodge putting his hand on the bible.

Sibrel than offered Armstrong “$5000″ cash which again, he turned down, not putting his hand on the Bible.”

from the full original article at Intellihub HERE

America probably did land men on the moon – who found evidence of an earlier human civilization or aliens on the moon – so everything we have been shown is sanitized and airbrushed and the important discoveries are kept secret.  Did Stanley Kubrick help fake the moon landings while working on 2001: A Space Odyssey?  Many “conspiracy theorists” think so.  Could be.  We aren’t told the truth about the past, what’s already here, or what they know is coming in the future.

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