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Hot Russian Politician Blown Up During Sex

Russian Politician Blown Up

A GLAMOROUS Russian politician and her husband died semi-naked in the back of their 4×4 when he set off a bomb in a jealous rage, police said.

Oksana Bobrovskaya, 30, a member of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party, was killed alongside hubby Nikita Bobrovsky.

The couple are said to have been enjoying a late night romp near her office in temperatures of -6C when the explosive went off.

It is thought they were rowing at the time and he had previously accused her of cheating on him with a wealthy lover, according to police sources.

NIkita was holding “a kind of grenade or a piece of TNT”, reports claimed.

Eyewitnesses who rushed to the scene of the blast said the pair were both in the back seat of the white Toyota RAV4.

even more details at full original article HERE

Her husband — believed to be in his early 30s — was a former special services officer in the Russian military.

But he had been out of work, placing a strain on their relationship as she was the sole breadwinner, according to reports.

Major news outlet LifeNews later reported an anonymous police source as saying forensic evidence indicated the couple did have sex before the explosion.

The source said: “Presumably during a fierce conflict he began to force her to perform her conjugal duty by threats and showing her an explosive device.”


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