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Cluster**** in Syria – Every Major Military Fighting There Can’t End Well

At Zerohedge.com we are told: “Russia will expand its airstrikes across the Syrian border and indeed, Baghdad has reportedly given Moscow the go-ahead to hit ISIS convoys fleeing Syria into Iraqi territory. This is in direct contradiction to what PM  Haider al-Abadi told Gen. Joseph Dunford last week and suggests that Baghdad is about to pivot East, after becoming frustrated with a lack of results stemming from more than a year of US airstrikes against Islamic State targets. It’s critical to note that Iran (via the IRGC and, more specifically, the Quds Force) controls Iraqi politics and the Iraqi armed forces. This means that Russia will find an extremely receptive environment when it comes to expanding the air campaign beyond Syria. We won’t get into the details here, but we do encourage you to review the whole story as detailed in “Russia Takes Over The Mid-East: Moscow Gets Green Light For Strikes In Iraq, Sets Up Alliance With Jordan” and “Who Really Controls Iraq? Inside Iran’s Powerful Proxy Armies.

At Infowars.com we are told: “Obama’s Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, told the Senate Armed Services committee the United States will begin “direct action on the ground” in Syria and Iraq.”

We are about to witness one of the biggest uncoordinated military buildups of all time, with ISIS, Iran, Turkey, Russia, and US (and some Chinese, French, British, and Israelis… and of course, Syria’s own Assad forces… and others) fighting in the same places.

Syria battles

(The image above shows battle activity on October 28, 2015 – Red symbols indicate Russian forces, Green is apparently the Assad regime’s Syrian forces, Dark Gray is ISIS activity, Blue is mostly American activity… Iranian forces are significant but not assigned a color today… neither are Kurds, Turks, etc.  See http://syria.liveuamap.com/ for how this interactive map looks on future dates.)

If anything goes wrong, and “friendly fire” accidentally hits troops from another country… how is WWIII averted?  How is this described in Bible prophecy?

I comment on this confusion a few times in my last book:

Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

Daniel 11:11 says “The king of the South will be enraged and go forth and fight with the king of the North. Then the latter will raise a great multitude, but that multitude will be given into the hand of the former. When the multitude is carried away, his heart will be lifted up, and he will cause tens of thousands to fall; yet he will not prevail.” It is not clear at all whether the King of the North is the Antichrist leader of Mystery Babylon or not, but in this particular verse it sounds like the King of the North will lose tens of thousands of troops to his “enemy” and be happy about it! This sounds like a traitorous leader who wants the other side to win. What might explain this?”

I quote another author on this confusion of multiple Norths: “But when Ezekiel 38:6 tells us the Antichrist will come “from the remote parts of the north” are these the same location? One possible suggestion is given by answering the question: “how could the King of the North come against Anti-Christ if Anti-Christ is from the North? Answer is simple – in Ezekiel Anti-Christ and Magog comes from the “remote parts of the north” (Ezekiel 38:6) and NOT from the Land of the North.” Turkey is north of Israel. Russia is north of Turkey. And continuing right over the pole, one could argue that America is even further north of Russia, or that Russia is north of America. I am not satisfied with the lack of biblical clarity over the many northern references.”

One false flag or accident could have everyone else mad at Israel, or America, or anyone else.  Could Russia be the “land of the North,” while America is “the remote parts of the North”?  If we take Bible prophecy seriously, we know that eventually Damascus is destroyed in Isaiah 17:1 “Damascus is about to be removed from being a city, and it will become a fallen ruin.”  We know most of the world will come against Israel from the north.  The war with Gog and Magog described in Ezekiel 38-39 is commonly believed to be an invasion of Israel, with Russia leading many smaller Arab/Muslim nations.  If we are entering the end times, all such destruction must unfold soon.

But what if the mere threat of such an invasion of Israel leads to American reinforcement of Israel?  If it happened that way – could American troops brought into Israel as protectors fulfill Daniel 11:16-17?  This is when the Antichrist “will also stay for a time in the Beautiful Land, with destruction in his hand. He will set his face to come with the power of his whole kingdom, bringing with him a proposal of peace which he will put into effect.”  Daniel 11:23 tells us “After an alliance is made with him he will practice deception, and he will go up and gain power with a small force of people.”  1 Thessalonians 5:3 warns us that the Antichrist will betray the Jews during a period of peace and attack Israel when they are certain of their safety and security. “While they are saying, ‘Peace and safety!’ then destruction will come upon them suddenly…”  Could this eventually be fulfilled through betrayal by Obama’s garrison of “friendly” US troops, after an incident that turns public opinion against Israel?  Or is this more likely to be fulfilled through a Russia-led invasion like everyone expects?

I look forward to insightful comments from readers.


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