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Federal Judge Rules Texas Can Refuse Birth Certificates to Illegal Aliens’ Anchor Spawns

From the original article at The Foxhole: One judge is actually upholding some immigration law.

At least some people in Texas still care what happens to them. The current process of allowing massive immigration – not just illegal immigrants on the southern border of the United States, but the million plus from the Muslim world flooding into Germany and the rest of Europe this year – is clearly national suicide for many western nations. Their leaders either hate the nations they lead and aim to destroy them from within – or – they are following orders from a powerful group that tells presidents and prime ministers what to do – and THEY want to destabilized the West and send it into chaos and desperation, so that people will not resist the coming New World Order. Expect economic collapse, social unrest, and dictatorship under a political “savior” sooner than you think. Read: Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

The Foxhole

It’s about time a judge stood up for thelaw.

illegal alien anchor babies

From BizPac Review.

A Federal judge ruled Friday that the state of Texas may continue denying the issuance of birth certificates to U.S.-born children of immigrant parents.

U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman said that although the families raised “grave concerns,” in their petition seeking an emergency injunction, it was “not enough without substantiating evidence to carry the burden necessary to grant relief,” according to the court’s decision.

The lawyers representing the immigrant families sought an injunction compelling the Texas Department of State Health Services to issue U.S. birth certificates to protect the children’s right to health care, travel, and schooling, as well as parental rights, they argued.

First of all the parents are illegal aliens, not “immigrants”. Immigrants enter the country with proper authorization, they don’t sneak across and demand that the taxpayers foot the bill for a…

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